Saturday, August 2, 2014

Hate Hate Hate

I look beyond the pain and hate that’s breeding in the sinful heart
My point of view is not like yours; I look to Christ not satan’s art
The wrongs I see were not caused by me but that’s the blame I think you see
But if Christ the Saviour is the head, then that is good enough for me.
Love thy neighbour is His rule and who would not enjoy that school?
Yet everywhere is HATE; HATE; HATE, with children’s bodies where no love ruled.

Christ will return, make no mistake, and in one split second it will be too late
Then God alone appoints the blame, not to a nation or a State
But to each trembling naked soul standing at the Judgement Throne
One question will God ask of all, what did you do with Christ, My own?
His love for you was oh so great He gave His life to wipe out hate
The choice is ours we still have time and right this minute it’s not too late.
W.B Aug '14

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