Monday, July 23, 2012

You Understood.

You understood my silence that day
When my beloved had passed away
We both knew his sickness could no longer be born
Yet I prayed for a miracle though weary and worn.

‘Put the clock back’ was my frantic prayer
To the days when my partner was fully aware
Days free of pain free of weakness and loss
Movement then normal and smiles were not lost.

Did he hear then the music of Heaven?
Was he aware of the love he’d been given?
Did he long for the call Home just as I do now
Yet I have no sickness but what old age endows?

You understand why I’m not silent now
Counting the days that I am allowed
Looking ahead, but no further than You
I can’t imagine the things I might do.

Lord how I need You, how small is my part
In working, though worship has hold of my heart
You understand my changing needs
My lack of ability to do things at speed.

My mind is still full of the things I must write
Before I forget whether morning or night
I see time is slipping slowly away
I forget lots of things but I remember to pray.

Wyn Barratt July 2012.

Set Me Free.

Set free the thoughts my hungry heart would speak of
Release the words that cling to silent lips
Let not regrets now pave my way to Heaven
Doing what I shouldn’t and letting good deeds slip.

Free as a bird is what I seek in my life
Choices made by God; mistakes never made
Earnestly my prayers fly up, did they reach You?
Too soon my life is over; will You weep at my grave?

Will the gates of Heaven be opened when I leave this earth?
Will You say ‘Well done my child’ when I arrive?
I did so want to be a profitable servant
I’m at Your disposal while I am alive.

Please set free the thoughts my hungry heart would speak on
Release the words that cling to silent lips
You will set my spirit free to be all You’d have me be
Hold my hand, don’t let me fall or slip.

Wyn Barratt July 2012.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

What Can We Ask Of You, Lord?

What can we ask of You Lord, something bigger than our dreams?
What can we do for You Lord, if our talents are not what they seem?
You gave Your all for us Lord, what can we bring to You?
Fields of souls are waiting for someone to help them through.

Nothing too hard for You Lord; anything we could do
Leaping a wall is possible when Your power is coming through
Praying down many blessings when we kneel at the Master’s feet
Winning lost souls for Jesus, for their lives are incomplete.

Feeding the poor and the hungry, lifting their eyes to You
Showing Your love to our neighbour, proving we’re straight and true
Too many lives are shattered by evil, grief and pain
Only our Savour matters and He saves again and again.

What can we ask of You Lord, something bigger than our dreams?
You know the answer to that, Lord Your power will always exceed
Whatever we ask or think and whatever we hope or plan
Yours is the power and glory since ever the world began.

Wyn Barratt July 2012.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Renew My Mind.

Renew my mind, it always lets me down
I yearn for You. I do not seek a crown
My strength is but a fantasy of mine
I think I stand but then step out of line.

Renew my heart; I listen but do not hear
You are my hope as I long for timeless spheres
What is Your plan to lift me from this mire?
I cannot reach the heights that I aspire.

I’ll just let go. Your Word is in my heart
Keep whispering that we will never part
I love You, Lord yet I’m not satisfied
That I’ll be holy or ever be Your bride.

Perfection still a dream that’s lost to me
Even as I weep at the foot of Calvary’s tree
Renew my mind, my actions then will change
I need Your power; be never out of range.

Wyn Barratt July 2012.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

If I Could Close My Eyes

If I could close my eyes and feel You right beside me
If I opened up my heart to let You in
If I never took a step without You told me
If I knew I had no unforgiven sin

Then I would know that I am Yours and Yours for ever
For I know You died to save me and take me in
To Your heart, Your Home, Your family up in Heaven
Where there is love that’s pure and holy, free from sin.

If I could reach the folk that are both lost and lonely
And spread the Word as You have asked us to
If I could hold out arms of love with such compassion
Just the way You did for me to come to You.

Then I would know that I could be Your faithful servant
And fight the fight against evil’s cruel reign
For the day is coming sooner than we realise
When Our Saviour will come to earth once again.

So I will close my eyes and feel You right beside me
Since I opened up my heart to let You in
I will never take a step without You tell me
Lord, please forgive any unforgiven sin.

Wyn Barratt July 2012

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

When The Lord Comes Back

There will be such shouting when the Lord comes back
Will you be on the front row while you shout and clap?
Will the tears run down your happy face
As you stand beside me with the human race?

There will be such praising when the Lord comes back
‘Amen’s’ and ‘Hallelujahs’ while we sing and tap
To the music of angels and instruments on earth
Will you join me when we praise the Lord for all we’re worth?

There will be no weeping when the Lord comes back
Our loved ones beside us; yes we’ll have them back
It will seem as if they never went away
And they won’t leave us, not for one little day.

I will stand beside you when the Lord comes back
I did not forget you when we have lost track
Jesus arms are long enough to wrap round us all
And He was so happy that we came when He called.

Wyn Barratt July 2012.