Sunday, June 22, 2014

Forget Yesterday

Just forget your yesterdays. The milk you spilled went sour!
Tomorrow may not ever come; now is your finest hour!
God’s turned the page to a new day; you are blessed beneath His smile
So look for someone you can bless and walk the second mile.

Don’t care what others think of you, it’s what God thinks that matters
When your heart and His are one, and true, let self image be shattered.
The road to Heaven is long and hard, and if the next step is a hard one
His love and power will get you through, and that's the way He's chosen.

The overcomer wins the day but the battle is the Lord’s now
Front and centre is your place and His the ‘why’ and ‘how’
So rejoice in promised victory as you stand beside your Leader
And countless witnesses cheer you on, ignore that old deceiver.

W.B June ‘14

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Psalm 20. You may need this Psalm so please read it!!!

Are your yesterdays fading and tomorrow’s slow to come?
Do you feel your life’s spent waiting, and you can walk but never run?
Has life slowed down to a standstill and is empty as a bag?
Should you bother even caring; you’re not needed; life’s a drag?

Memories of those you loved once, fading now like summer rain
While the pain of their indifference feeds the anger that remains
So what is left for you to hold to? A mighty Saviour and your Lord!
He never turns away or hurts you. His gift of life you can afford.

His love is free; He never changes His love burns warmer day by day
He sacrificed His all to save you and He’s beside you all the way
His arms are round you when you’re happy; holds you tighter when you’re sad
Walking or running, know you need Him; let His love now make you glad.

W.B. June ‘14

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Meet Me At The Well.

Would You meet me at the well, Lord?
I am thirsting and I’m weary
Things are not going too well Lord
I’m discouraged now, and teary.

I can wait till the cool of evening
Please don’t trouble in this day’s heat
As long as I can have Your healing
And my hands can touch Your feet.

I have made my plans so often
Where I’d go; people I’d visit
Just to see everything crumble
Why is that, Lord? Oh why is it?

I made my plans then You guide my steps
But not the way that I planned to go
So I surrender to Your will now
And at the well, then, will I know?

W.B .June ‘14

If You Love Me.

If you love Me, then take my hand
I will lead you across this land
One day we’ll go right round the world
And see the flag of God unfurled.

It will take prayer, obedience too
Hard work and suffering’s not new to you
I saw every tear and heard each sigh
Didn’t you know I was right at your side?

I know you’re longing to see My face
But you must wait till we’ve finished the race
When that day comes I’ll return as I left
And our eyes will meet and love never left.

O what a joy in that heavenly sphere
My Father will greet you all gathering near
There’ll be love everlasting and joy without pain
No words will be cruel for there's nothing to gain.
W.B. June ‘14

Saturday, June 14, 2014

There Is A Quiet Road

There is a quiet road to heaven that certain folk may take
And it may be thought they had an easy ride
When compared to fearless warriors or those facing many foes
It looks as if they ran away to hide.

There are ‘backroom’ men and women who are guided by the Lord
And do their fighting down upon their knees
As the Father gives instruction they bridge the gaps along the walls
For the safety and the power of those in need.

For in the Father’s army there are many posts we know
And not every man is placed right at the front
There are weapons to be honed and cleaned; let every sword be sharp
We shall still need cooks and also those that hunt.

So don’t despise the hunter or those who cook the meals
Or the men who plan the way to victory
For if anyone was missing or decided he could shirk
Many battles would be lost, don’t you see?

W.B. June ‘14

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My Hiding Place.

I’m here again, Lord. You are my hiding place
Nowhere to run to while I’m in Your embrace
I need Your Peace Lord, turmoil surrounds me
I’m on my knees again, keep Your arms round me.

I’m here again Lord, for You said ‘Come to Me’
Dark mists surround me and now I cannot see
Which way to turn, Lord, and still be in Your will?
Please would You touch me and show me You’re here still.

You hear again Lord, before I called to You
Not now and then, and I can rely on You
The storms of life may try to drag me down
But in Your love I happily will drown.

W.B. June ‘14

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

What Happened To Warm And Fuzzy Feelings?

Recently I have been pruning and chopping and sawing away at over grown trees and bushes, especially those that were blocking my water views across the lake.

They had to be stripped and sorted into different piles ready for further reduction and finally being loaded onto trucks and taken off to the local tip 25kms away.

It was quite an enjoyable exercise in between the bouts of rain common in coastal areas such as this.

I have been pondering tonight if I could be chopped up and sorted into the twigs, small branches, limbs, and finally the long bare trunks that are so heavy even now the smaller branches are gone into another pile, and which bits of me would end up in which pile?

I don’t have the answer. Perhaps my brain into the twigs and leaf pile, my arms into the small branches, and my trunk, well, you guessed it.
My brain would be the interesting bit to dismantle and I have often wondered what Freud would do about me and my brain?

In the old days life was much simpler. When your kids got crazy in the head you smacked them on the bottom. They survived and you weren’t thrown in jail over it either. You taught them right from wrong with a little help from a paddle of some sort and they gradually learned to compromise by adding some well place padding to their pants when they suspected a confrontation and deemed it to be preferable to confession.

When labouring in the garden became too much for the aged householder you sought out the local scout leader, for they lived by their creed to help people and were repaid by donations to their group or a jolly good feed or two where money was tight in that home
It worked well, and everyone enjoyed a warm fuzzy feeling that they had helped and been helped in some form.

Not all progress has been an improvement I feel.

Well, that’s the way it was long, long, ago.
My brain is petrified or putrefied by sucking up coffee fumes all evening so you can ponder where I left off.
Let me know how you went?


Sunday, June 8, 2014

I Can’t Explain It

God is Love, I can’t explain it, but Christ died on Calvary
And His resurrection power He has given us for free
He will wash us in His precious blood, oh let the mockers heed
For Christ died for every one of us not just the ones in need

Do you wonder about heaven and presume you’re good enough
To stand before a Holy God if you have had it tough
If you have been ‘a decent bloke’ or a ‘righteous’ kind of girl?
That won’t give you a ticket into heaven from this old world.

For a start let’s blame old Adam and that Eve for messing up
And then there was a serpent that satan used to set them up
And have you also noticed that all children must be taught
To be GOOD for being naughty is an instinct, not a thought.

So perhaps you will agree now that something’s missing here
And that is why God sent His Son to pay the price so dear
For Jesus left His glorious Home to die at Calvary
That was the only way to pay for the sins of you and me.

It is not too late to come to Him though He’s returning soon
With a place for everyone of us and even our own special room
And I for one have need of love from the One who gave His all
And I will love Him all my life and when I walk through Heaven’s Halls.

W.B. June ‘14

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Please Set Me Free

Please set me free, I still have strength for what it takes
It’s not too late to let me make my own mistakes
My wings are stiff because I never tried to fly
But now I’m old I want to fly before I die.

Where shall I go? Just anywhere that isn’t cold!
What shall I do? Well, anything; my mind’s not old!
My body may be slightly slow, my brain is sharp
I was in Mensa once, but don’t think I should harp.

When funds are gone and if one day I should return
Regret then fierce and within my heart may burn
Don’t turn and say, ‘well, dear, we always told you so
We always said that at your age don’t ever go’.

For I’ll have lived; each day I’ll find an unknown prize
In other worlds, new vistas opening my eyes
The folks I meet, not caring I’m a stranger there
May welcome me not noticing I’m strange, out there.

I may seem ‘normal’ though I’ll still be always 'me'
My heart may settle for at last I’ve been set free
From anxious thoughts and doubts about my little worth
Or will I always be a stranger upon this earth?

W.B. June ‘14

Here Under Your Wings

Here, under your wings, Lord; here I will abide
Never to wander, I’ll stay close to Your side
Oceans may surge and waves can’t roll over me
Under Your wings Saviour, that’s where I’ll be

No, never alone, I hear You whisper,’ Come to Me’
Lord, I’m coming Home, each step one less for me
I know the way’s not easy and neither Lord was Yours
But I have You to hold me close and the victory is ours.

W.B June ‘14

Friday, June 6, 2014


There are words we say too often until they do not mean a thing
But the Words of God refresh us every day
It may be just a word or two that goes straight to our heart
But it’s God’s way of saying “I love you” every day.

Sometimes when we look back we find there are words that we regret
Words said in haste or anger, not words of love
Their pain remains inside our hearts and in the hearts of those we hurt
Their stain may reach the throne of God above.

So Lord please pour the blood over words that we regret
Help us to say we’re sorry right away
Forgiveness is a bond that is strengthened by God’s love
And remembered every time we kneel and pray.

W. B. June ‘14

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fear Or Trust?

‘Trust Me, it will be alright’ God says
Has fear coloured your world black?
Are your eyes closed against His Word?
Then you are sliding back.
Do you fear your future circumstance?
You fear what may never be
The mist that hides your Savour’s face
Is just doubt’s murky sea.

Is there a wall in front of you?
A night that never ends?
Mountains of impossibilities?
Gloom around every bend?
Then stop, stand still, be quiet now
So you can hear His voice
Your precious Saviour holds your hand
His way, not yours, the choice.

Tell Him all that troubles you
And lay your burden down
Don’t pick it up and drag it round
That earns no victor’s crown.
The problems are not yours to solve
They are signposts on the way
To draw your eyes up to your Lord
So He can lead the way.

Trust Him, yes, He, who made the world
His love the source of all
The joys and hopes you cannot see
If you’re blinded by fear’s pall
There is a wall? Leap over it!
No light? God is your light!
The road to Heaven’s no path of ease
But Christ’s life paid the entry rights.

W.B. June ‘14

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Keep Holding On

Keep holding on, behind the clouds there’s sunshine
Keep holding on and wipe old satan’s smile
The Lord has said He’ll always be beside you
The road is long and He’s with you every mile.
The clouds will break and sunshine will surround you
Blessings will come and you will feel God’s smile

Never let go, remember Who’s beside you
Look to his Word, there is no lonely mile.
Our Lord is there, much closer than a brother
Rest in His love, the Spirit pours it in
He’ll fill your heart you really need no other
His open arms will hold and draw you in.

W.B June ‘14

The Day That You Laid Hold On Me

The day that You laid hold on me
The nail marks in Your hands I see
Scars from the tears as You hung down
Blood from the thorns of a victor’s crown.
I’ll worship you till my life ends
And in Your Home life never ends
Where’er I go You are with me
And You will keep Your hand on me.

Alpha And Omega

The sun will rise, for the world is turning
Though clouds try to hide its blazing glow
Yet everywhere the light reveals all things
A new day is here and we all will know.

Sorrows and failings are yesterday’s problem
The past is God’s and under the blood
Now with the dawn a new day is forming
Time now to praise and seek another soul’s good.

Moments are fleeting, the enemy’s watching
Waiting for us to slip up again
But the Spirit is in us, beside us, around us
Holding us closer and He will remain.

He’ll never leave us His promise is written
But what are His needs that our love could supply?
Simple obedience, loving and trusting
Putting Him first as our self we deny.

W.B. May ‘14