Sunday, June 8, 2014

I Can’t Explain It

God is Love, I can’t explain it, but Christ died on Calvary
And His resurrection power He has given us for free
He will wash us in His precious blood, oh let the mockers heed
For Christ died for every one of us not just the ones in need

Do you wonder about heaven and presume you’re good enough
To stand before a Holy God if you have had it tough
If you have been ‘a decent bloke’ or a ‘righteous’ kind of girl?
That won’t give you a ticket into heaven from this old world.

For a start let’s blame old Adam and that Eve for messing up
And then there was a serpent that satan used to set them up
And have you also noticed that all children must be taught
To be GOOD for being naughty is an instinct, not a thought.

So perhaps you will agree now that something’s missing here
And that is why God sent His Son to pay the price so dear
For Jesus left His glorious Home to die at Calvary
That was the only way to pay for the sins of you and me.

It is not too late to come to Him though He’s returning soon
With a place for everyone of us and even our own special room
And I for one have need of love from the One who gave His all
And I will love Him all my life and when I walk through Heaven’s Halls.

W.B. June ‘14

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