Thursday, June 19, 2014

Psalm 20. You may need this Psalm so please read it!!!

Are your yesterdays fading and tomorrow’s slow to come?
Do you feel your life’s spent waiting, and you can walk but never run?
Has life slowed down to a standstill and is empty as a bag?
Should you bother even caring; you’re not needed; life’s a drag?

Memories of those you loved once, fading now like summer rain
While the pain of their indifference feeds the anger that remains
So what is left for you to hold to? A mighty Saviour and your Lord!
He never turns away or hurts you. His gift of life you can afford.

His love is free; He never changes His love burns warmer day by day
He sacrificed His all to save you and He’s beside you all the way
His arms are round you when you’re happy; holds you tighter when you’re sad
Walking or running, know you need Him; let His love now make you glad.

W.B. June ‘14


Elizabeth said...

Amen dear friend, amen!

Wyn Barratt said...

So many lessons to learn, and such a loving teacher!.