Saturday, June 7, 2014

Please Set Me Free

Please set me free, I still have strength for what it takes
It’s not too late to let me make my own mistakes
My wings are stiff because I never tried to fly
But now I’m old I want to fly before I die.

Where shall I go? Just anywhere that isn’t cold!
What shall I do? Well, anything; my mind’s not old!
My body may be slightly slow, my brain is sharp
I was in Mensa once, but don’t think I should harp.

When funds are gone and if one day I should return
Regret then fierce and within my heart may burn
Don’t turn and say, ‘well, dear, we always told you so
We always said that at your age don’t ever go’.

For I’ll have lived; each day I’ll find an unknown prize
In other worlds, new vistas opening my eyes
The folks I meet, not caring I’m a stranger there
May welcome me not noticing I’m strange, out there.

I may seem ‘normal’ though I’ll still be always 'me'
My heart may settle for at last I’ve been set free
From anxious thoughts and doubts about my little worth
Or will I always be a stranger upon this earth?

W.B. June ‘14

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