Sunday, June 15, 2014

If You Love Me.

If you love Me, then take my hand
I will lead you across this land
One day we’ll go right round the world
And see the flag of God unfurled.

It will take prayer, obedience too
Hard work and suffering’s not new to you
I saw every tear and heard each sigh
Didn’t you know I was right at your side?

I know you’re longing to see My face
But you must wait till we’ve finished the race
When that day comes I’ll return as I left
And our eyes will meet and love never left.

O what a joy in that heavenly sphere
My Father will greet you all gathering near
There’ll be love everlasting and joy without pain
No words will be cruel for there's nothing to gain.
W.B. June ‘14


Elizabeth said...

I love this! <3
Thank you for sharing your gift and your heart! I love you!

Wyn Barratt said...

Love you too dear sister!!! And Jesus loves us more !!!!!