Thursday, August 30, 2012

Follow The Master.

My life has been marked by my wandering
Roaming tween this thing and that
Trying my hand at each new kind of deal
If I ripped you off, that was that.
I thought of myself as important
I said it was my way or none
Then I met a dark eyed stranger
And I knew right away I was gone!

His glance bore into my spirit
My conscience? I didn’t have one
I felt restless, frustrated, and plain sorrowful
For the life I had led was near gone.
He turned and somehow I followed
He led me the way of the Cross
I saw all my sins there before me
My heart bled with guilt and with loss.

Then the stranger put His hand on my shoulder
And said, “Friend, choose life this day
I died so you’d live for ever
Turn round and start living My way”.
Now I am following the Master
By the strings of my heart I am bound
It is His way or no way I’m after
I’m standing on Holy ground.

Come with me I’ll show you the Master
With the strings of your heart you’ll be bound
Let your life be marked by His glory
Look! You’re standing on Holy ground.

Wyn Barratt  Aug 2012.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

So Many Questions.


What is the river that flows through heaven?
Can I step into it now?
Where is the beginning? Where does it end?
Who can tell me right now?

Will it carry me when You call me home?
Will I glide through the streets of gold?
Will the tree of life give me shelter?
Will I really never be old?

So many questions to answer
They won’t matter once I am there
But oh dear Lord do please hurry
I’m ready to shed all my cares.

I am thankful for earthly lessons
But I don’t think I passed all the tests
Though I’m ready, so ready to come to You
For my eternal rest.

Wyn Barratt Aug 2012.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

I Cannot Tell The Times.

I cannot tell the times You came to hold me
When on my knees I wept in bitter pain
For all my sins had piled up right around me
I thought the sun would never shine again.

And yet You came and put Your arms around me
You whispered love, forgiveness, to my heart
You turned me round to face a new day’s dawning
Holding me close, I knew we’d never part.

No-one can tell the pain Your Father’s parting
Left in Your soul that day upon the cross
He could not look at sin and You, the carrier
That we, the guilty, might never know that loss.

I cannot find the words enough, or worthy
To tell the debt I owe, the love I feel
Emotions surge, then fade, and I unworthy
Can only pledge my life as now I kneel.

Wyn Barratt  August 2012


I am thinking of beautiful things to write
To tell about God, though He’s out of sight
How I feel His warmth when I whisper His name
How He’s always near, every day He’s the same.

I am thinking of wonderful songs to sing
To tell about God, like the birds on the wing
If you look up as they sing their songs
They are looking to God where their love belongs.

I am thinking of thoughtful things I could do
To show you my Lord and how He loves you too
You only need look at John 3.16
Then you will know just what I mean.

Please stop and think how God brought you to life
It’s His breath in your body when He gave you life
So worship the Father, give your life to the Son
Receive then the Spirit, you and God may be one.

Wyn Barratt  August 2012.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Who Are You To Argue?

If God thinks you are perfect, who are you to argue?
You’re perfect in his eyes, don’t you see?
He looks at you through Jesus Who shed His blood to save us
And so we are forgiven perfectly.

If God says He chose you, who are you to argue?
He chose you before your birth, you see
So you’re signed up already, take His hand be steady
You are captured by His love and yet you’re free.

God’s said he’ll never leave you, so who are you to argue?
He is holding out His arms, don’t you see?
You are on your way to glory, making your life story
With Jesus it will end in victory.

Wyn Barratt. Aug 2012.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Lord, we come to worship
For You have made us whole
Standing in the aura
With which You surround our soul.

Standing in our given place
Listening for Your call
Asking for Your perfect will
Offering our all.

We do not hope for grand designs
As You lead us through life
Just the knowledge that we can
Live in love, not strife.

We are coming home, Lord
Please change us on the way
We’re kneeling at Your Throne Lord
For that’s not far away.

Prepared and ready, our lamp is bright
Do You hear our worship song?
We are heading Home, Lord
It’s with You that we belong.

Wyn  Barratt   Aug 2012

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Love Over All.


Lord, make me loving, gentle and kind
All the things that You had in mind
When You called me out of the crowd.
I was young, then, fiery and loud.
Fighting all injustices
In distress about all distress
Stern, judgmental, critical
Drawn into all that’s political.

Change the world!  That was my task
That’s how I saw myself while life did last
But then You put Your gaze on me
That’s when I saw You on the tree
A meek and gentle Holy Man
Sacrificed there as God’s own Lamb.
Now I am old yet still cannot change
Too much of ‘ME’ still roaming the range.

Lord, tear ‘ME’ apart, though I fear to say
Let no more of ‘ME’ remain this day
Help me die yet act my age
Holy Spirit please turn the page
May all my tomorrows shine with You
You are my God and I want to be true
Yet should I slip or even fall
I know Your love is over all.

Wyn Barratt  August 2012.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Last Poem?


Will this be the last poem that you see?
How often that thought has come to me
When no ideas burn in my head
It comes with sorrow and a little dread.
For I know it won’t be that I am rushed
Or my arm is broken or my fingers crushed.

It will be because my mind is empty
No thoughts of God that I found tempting
Enough to sit and share my heart
As I ponder on Christ and do my part
To lift your eyes to the God above
Who gave up His Son to shed His blood.

I tried to show my human weakness
And how God forgave me in all His sweetness
How my humanity is just like yours
We could love Him together for we have just cause.
I always hoped that you would think on Him
And kneel to ask forgiveness of sins.

To know His angels watched over you
His Spirit guided and helped you through
I longed to know that you’d be in Heaven
And not in Hell for that I was dreading
I wanted the best for all of you
But I’m no preacher, that’s what I can’t do.

So if tomorrow I run out of time
Or my brain is empty and I can’t write a line
I’ll continue to pray for you seventy times seven
For I long to know you are coming to Heaven
I’ll wait at the gates to welcome you through
And you’ll take my hand as I hope you will do.

We’ll push through the crowds to the Saviour’s feet
And Jesus will smile and say “Isn’t that neat!
I’m so happy that you read the notes that I sent
From Wyn’s computer for her to ‘send’
For I longed to know you were coming to Heaven
So I left Wyn on earth till I knew you were ready."

Wyn Barratt  August 2012.

Only Forever

You are still faithful Lord, though we may fear.
What shall we do? Are You really near?
How we must hurt You when doubts rule the way
What have we done? What did we say?

Yes, You are with us Your Word tells us so
So why do we fear to trust You and let go?
All You have done for us was through Your love
We love You too little Lord as we yearn for above.

Today and down here we are ordained to be
Yet we keep calling out, "What about me?"
May our love grow much deeper and be bound up in trust
You are our leader and surrender we must.

So here Lord we yield to You both mind and heart
Knowing You love us and we’ll never part
Only forever, is time, in Your sight
Whether on earth or in Heaven so bright.

Wyn Barratt August 2012.