Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How Can I Tell You?

How can I tell You I love You
When I fail to obey all Your Word?
Surrender has no conditions
If I’m Yours You deserve to be heard.

I’m far from deserving Your pardon
My life not reflecting Your love
Let me die at Your feet in surrender
That honours Your death and Your love.

I am there everywhere that I run to
There is no getting rid of me
Please take me and hide me inside You
I would see everything as You see.

Take my love and pass it to others
Take my heart it is open to You
My praise cannot add to Your glory
But Your glory has made me anew.

Wyn Barratt June 2012.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tomorrows and Yesterdays

Your tomorrows are hidden in mists and in clouds
Your yesterdays lost behind worries and doubts
You have a Saviour who is Lord over all
So rest in green pastures; He has led you before.

You know that God cares and has plans for your life
You may not perceive them; you just sense worry and strife
But He knows the path that he wants you to take
Life is a maze but the Lord knows the way.

You are seeking His will, and ponder and pause
Is it this way, or that, the Lord plans your course?
Just take hold of His hand and His peace will enfold
He will open the doors to wonders untold.

Treasures of darkness; wisdom coming to light
Shafts of moonlight will pierce the darkest of nights
Clouds rolling by but blue skies will come
Everything changes; God is here in your room.

Wyn Barratt June 2012.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

No 'Yippee' !

It’s dark and cold and wet today
And that’s just how I feel
There’s no “Yippee!” inside of me
Yet this is life. It’s real.

Not everything will go my way
Or problems disappear
But I am not alone, my friend
My Lord is always near.

I have a roof above my head
No leaks appear as yet
There’s food inside my cupboard
Bills in the mail, I’ll bet.

And in all this I hear a song
That comes down from my Lord
You’ll find it in John 3.16
God’s love in blood outpoured.

Wyn Barratt June 2012.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

This Is The Way.

Come nearer, Lord, come near to me
I’m still too blind, I cannot see
I feel my need; I yearn for You
Hold out Your hands and help me through.

Day after day I wander around
Still not so sure I’m on holy ground
But I still know my need of You
Hold out Your arms Lord, and see me though.

I travelled in darkness through faults of my own
Never too sure which way was my Home
But above all else one thing I knew
That I was still lost and I needed You.

Come nearer, Lord, come near to me
You showed Your love, now Your face I see
You opened my eyes to the lost and the blind
I am here now dear Saviour take my heart and my mind.

I’m coming nearer, nearer to You
I’ll be Your servant I’ll be faithful and true
I’m ready and waiting whenever You say
“Come now dear pilgrim, this is the way.”

Wyn Barratt June 2012.