Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Try To Imagine.

I float like a half submerged leaf on the lake
Or a tiny weak twig that’s had all it can take
No bird swooping by, just to carry me away
Am I useful for something or anyone today?

If I were a leaf, somewhat soggy, but tough.
I’d give a bug safe passage if the water got rough
If a twig, then a beaver may find I have use
To build up his dam, and I would not refuse.

Whatever God makes He can find use for it
To fit a small plan or continue with it
Until it is part of the great scheme of things
I‘ve discovered even a leaf can have wings.

So if you are sitting down by the lake
Don’t despise the weak twig that’s had all it can take
Try to imagine as it floats out of sight
With the help of a leaf God could make it a kite.

©2010 W. Barratt

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Carers Update

It is only a month since my husband of almost 60 years passed away.
God was merciful to take him and He even honoured him by taking him on Holy Saturday. He suffered for years with Parkinson’s disease and Diabetes as well, for good measure, and was desperately ill, emaciated and in a lot of pain before the end.

Some weeks before his death Geoff joked that he hoped God would not call him on April Fool’s Day. God did better than that. He called him on a Holy day.

I am becoming used to a silent empty house and the phone ringing frequently as my family check on me regularly.

I go for long walks and look enviously upon the groups of ‘normal families’ where husband or grandad is still present.

Those of you in the Carers group know full well the longings of the carer and patient to live a ‘normal’ life. Let me remind you though, that the normal families will not experience the heights and depths of the love and care that is experienced between the sick person and their carer.

This sacrificial love was first shown by our Saviour Jesus Christ when He gave up His Heavenly Throne and died, tortured and beaten, on the cross at Calvary.

Jesus rose again triumphant and if our loved ones have given their hearts to the Lord, they will return triumphant in the skies when Jesus comes back for us who remain behind.
What a reunion!!!! The angels will hardly make their trumpets heard over the excited chatter of loved ones reunited again.

So dear ones, let’s walk close to the side of our loving Lord until that great and glorious day of the Lord dawns.

Wyn Barratt.