Friday, August 20, 2010

Tired Of The City.

I’m tired of the city I’d like to retire
To a shack in the back of beyond
Nothing too fancy as long as I have
A toilet that flushes along.

You say I'd be lonely? That would be, if only
I had no dog or a cat
A dog to guard me and a cat to keep me
From seeing a tramp or a rat.

A lamp would light my way round about
But I’d go to bed with the birds
Their chatter and clamour would make my head hammer
When dawn filtered in through the dirt.

The dirt on the windows is what I refer to
For in a shack in the back of beyond
No one would see that I couldn’t see
From my shack in the back of beyond.

What kind of future without a computer?
I haven’t yet made up my mind.
I’d talk to myself and work like a trooper
To prop up the shack that I find.

I don’t think you’ll miss me or rush in to kiss me
I’ll dress like a tramp. Do you mind?
No power or heating gives washing a beating
And I’m certainly not going to mind!!

©2010 Aug. Somebody….sniff….

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Keep A Quiet Heart.

Keep a quiet heart
God’s ways are not our own
Yield now to him, He is within
Your life is now His throne.

Then keep a quiet heart
Your trials are His school
The lessons learned preparing you
For use as His own tool.

Within a quiet heart
God can direct your ways
Rest in this scene, whate’er He deems
Will glorify His name.

Don’t seek to change your path
However hard it is
A stitch or two, not broken thread
Completes the plan of His.

©2010 Aug. Wyn Barratt.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Big Compelling Of God.

‘The work we do is of no account. It is so much scaffolding compared to the big compelling of God.’ Oswald Chambers.

Carry me off in Your compelling
I’m of no use unless You do
Seeing myself without Your indwelling
Is such a failure of use to You?

Carry me off until I hear You
Hearing Your breath against my heart
Waiting, and listening, learning to fear You
Your own compelling has set me apart.

Carry me off in Your compelling
Wherever, whatever You want me to do
Yours is the plan and when the Spirit’s indwelling
You, Lord, will mold me and carry me through.

I give up the struggle of, ‘shall I? or shan’t I’?
You’ve chosen me and You know what to do
I do not need to see where You are aiming
You have compelled me, I’m going with You.

©2010 Aug. Wyn Barratt.