Saturday, November 24, 2012

Who Will Wipe Our Tears?


Who is it Who will wipe our tears when we are torn with grief?
Who will bend to lift us when we fall?
Who will soften hearts in families and make them one again?
Who else but our dear Saviour and our Lord.

Who should we turn to first of all when troubles reach our door?
Whose mercy do we need when sin persists?
Whose strength will fight our strongest foe and give us victory?
Who else but Jesus Christ; none can resist.

Who is it that forgets our sins when He’s washed us in His Blood?
Who bottles all our tears and blanks out guilt?
Who takes us gently by the hand when we have slipped again?
Who never did regret the blood He spilt?

Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour built a bridge that He might save us
His Cross the bridge that spanned the gap from God
He died upon that cruel cross to pay the price that our sin cost
Surrender now to Him on the road He trod.

Wyn Barratt Nov 2012.

The Saints.

As I travel the road to Heaven there are many lessons learned
But the ones that touch my heart by far the most
Are the lessons that the saints of God have learned in pain and grief
And ones they’ve shared though they never tried to boast.

I have noticed that those suffering ones are the first to stretch their hand
To the struggling novice on their early walk
They don’t glower in a corner and bewail their suffering
But instead they praise their Lord while others talk.

These saints may be friends or mentors or found inside a book 
But with every trial they point us up to God
Just like Paul and Silas singing praise stretched out on prison’s filth
And so the jailer and his family turned to God.

I pray that I will emulate these precious saints of God
We will come across these folk most every day
Our candle may not yet be bright but the light of God is strong
And just one candle can always drive the dark away.

Wyn Barratt Nov 2012.

Friday, November 23, 2012

I'd Like To See A New Place


I’d like to see a new place, a place I’ve never been
Like a massive snowy mountain range, or a wild and glorious scene
I’d love to see the ocean and watch the roaring waves
Or sit beside a river flowing to somewhere that it craves.

I’d like to watch a baby smile behind still flowing tears
When their Mother gets the message or recognized their fears
Or see a flushed faced schoolboy, climb safely, his first tree
Then turning to his father to ask, “Did you see me?”

Maybe these are small things and not noticed by some
But when your days are ending you’ll see them, every one
Like little gems, once hidden, now sparkle to your eye
And they’ll remain within your heart until you say goodbye.

Wyn Barratt  Nov 2012.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

This Is When I Panic.

This is when I panic. My mind is just a blank
My pen is frozen out of time; my thoughts won’t fall in rank
I write a few words nervously; will the Spirit really come?
Without Him I am nothing and nothing I have done.

The Spirit brings no message. Have I discouraged Him?
Did I lose the lines or step out of line? Could it be hidden sin?
I’ll write no words without You for You control my pen
I’ll search Your Word for wisdom; dear Spirit, will I find You then?

Wyn Barratt  Nov 2012.

Is There Anything You Want To Say?

Is there anything You want to say, my pen is ready, Lord?
My heart is loaded up with thoughts of You
I would say the same thing over, and over yet again
I can’t repeat too often the gracious things You do.

You are merciful and kind ,You give sight to the blind
You forgive seventy times seven and then some more
You give us Peace in our hearts and Your love for a fresh start
You take our hands and lift our heads and so much more.

The atonement is the key that You used to set us free
Your blood was shed to wash our sins away
We could not be forgiven until Your life was given
The cross, the bridge that opened up the way.

Wyn Barratt Nov 2012

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I’m Not Perfect Yet.

I can see the lights of Heaven twinkling on a distant shore
As I notice all the things that I can’t do any more
I am less use here on earth so I’m looking towards heaven
But my heart is telling me that I still need some more leaven.

I’m not perfect yet, I’ve got a long way to go
I know I am forgiven but my learning is so slow
I’m so grateful ,Lord, that You’ve had mercy on me
And sometimes I failed You, yet You still loved me.

I can see the folk that need You and I’ll always pray for them
But will they see You in me if they look round now and then?
I’d rather be in Heaven if don’t live like You
For to turn folk away from You is the worst thing I could do.

I’m not perfect yet…………………..

Wyn Barratt Nov 2012.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Lift Me Lord.

Lord, I am down, I can’t get any lower  
Look at me here at Your feet
I’m not worthy to stand up to see Your expression
I’m ready to admit my defeat.

Day after day as I tried to reason
The cause of my failures and sin
You opened my eyes and to my great surprise
I realised I had not let You in.

I was trying to be holy in my own strength only
And failing at fighting with me
So I’m down at Your feet as I admit my defeat
You alone can do something with me.

Take charge of me for I don’t like what I see
When I look in my mirror at night
Take my will, make it Yours; tell me I’m not a lost cause
My dear Lord, please lift me to Your light.

Wyn Barratt  Nov 2012.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Wrap Your Peace Around Me.


When You wrap Your Peace around me in the velvet dark of night
There’s no sound except my breathing till the dawn unfolds the light
In my quiet hours of worship I ponder all that You have done
To save my soul and keep me strong till this war on sin is won.

I turn to every promise and the breath of Life is there
For as sure as I am breathing You will listen to my prayer
Your promises are not broken; Your love will never end
When God’s last word is spoken Love has won, and life won’t end.

Lord, please wrap Your Peace around me in the warm, bright glow of day
As You let Your love astound me when I go along my way
The quiet streams I walk beside are chosen Lord, by You
And only when I’m in Your light am I close enough to You.

Wyn Barratt  Nov 2012.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

When The World Rolls Around For The Last Time.


When the world rolls around for the last time I’ll be bound
We’ll be standing at the door watching the skies
For we will sense in our souls that our Lord can’t withhold
His wondrous presence any longer from our eyes.

We’ll hold our babes in our arms; we’ve always sheltered them from harm
Just as God sheltered us in our young days
I know the crowds will gather and our hearts will swell with joy
To realize Christ has returned in our own days.

I think the birds will fall silent and the cattle cease their lowing
The wind will cease to blow out of respect
The ocean waves will lower as God whispers, “Time is over”
And the Spirit responds, “We are at rest”.

Wyn Barratt  Nov 2012.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Our Ordinary Days.

Lord, You are with us in our ordinary days
You stand beside us even when we fail to praise
I believe that You shed tears when You see us crying too
We forget our hopelessness before we knew You.

When the baby won’t stop crying, when the bills come in the mail
When we want to give up trying for we seem to always fail
When the evil folk are winners and the good are stricken down
It is then You are the closest as You wrap Your arms around.

Lord, You are with us in our ordinary days
Help us to cling to You, encourage us to praise
You may not change our circumstance but You can change us
Each day will be extraordinary because You love us.

Wyn Barratt Nov 2012.

Ruling Our Land.

Lord, I wish we had a child of God to rule our precious land
Yet You can use an atheist to do all You have planned
Your people need to bow in prayer on each and every day
 Upholding every child of Yours and strengthening their way.

The power of God is in us too; our hands are Yours to use
To help and guide as you would do; crush evil and abuse
Your judgement not withheld from us because You do not care
But because You give a second chance for our Salvation here.

So Lord, please strengthen us we pray to fight a world of sin
Till love has won the final day and heaven will take us in
Lord we would be holy, strong and pure and take the higher road
Your sacrifice the only way to lead us home to God.

Wyn Barratt Nov 2012.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

On Quiet Days

It’s on the quiet days that I look around my room
To see if there’s a glimpse of You to make my spirits zoom 
I’d fly aloft with You and journey through the skies
I’ll try to see what You will see by looking through Your eyes.

Your eyes so tender now as we pass above a school
While little ones run out to play; one day they’ll make the rules
A baby in a pram wheeled by a doting Mom
A father somewhere working hard to bring a pay check home.

Where will this journey end? In adventures in the sky?
We are flying now through lonely hills where sheep, attended, lie
Shepherds are near Your heart; for this You are, to us
As with their attentive, wakeful lives they scatter fear with trust.

Are we now homeward bound? I’ve seen such different scenes
With families, schools and Shepherds, yet all appeared serene
We are all held in Your love, as You work such differing plans
With just one aim to go Home again, all safely in Your hands.

Wyn Barratt Nov 2012.

Far From The Garden


Far from the garden I wandered away
It was there that You met me on many a day
Each time that I entered I knew You’d be there
Waiting to see me and listen to my care.

How did it happen that we have lost touch?
When Lord, I knew that You loved me so much
Was it because You had banished my cares
And I no longer needed to meet with You there?

Walking alone, were You walking alone
While I, independent, tried to manage alone?
Even without any cares in the world
I still needed You and Lord,You still cared.

Father I want now to confess all my sin
I’ve come to Your garden Lord, please let me in
I long to hear You calling my name
Since I left Your garden life’s not been the same.

Wyn Barratt  Nov 2012.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Soft Warm Hug.

Do you ever feel a soft warm hug when your Father comes to mind ?
Do you ever sigh and regret the days when your eyes to Him were blind?
Do you ponder on His love for you; Christ’s long walk to the cross?
Do you thank Him for all His grace, Christ’s sacrifice, His loss?

Are you filled with joy and gratitude to know He rose again?
Remembering when He called your name and things never were the same?
Are you now closer to your Lord ? Is He your life, your hope?
Friend that is all He asks of us. Without Him could we cope?

Wyn Barratt Nov 2012.