Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ruling Our Land.

Lord, I wish we had a child of God to rule our precious land
Yet You can use an atheist to do all You have planned
Your people need to bow in prayer on each and every day
 Upholding every child of Yours and strengthening their way.

The power of God is in us too; our hands are Yours to use
To help and guide as you would do; crush evil and abuse
Your judgement not withheld from us because You do not care
But because You give a second chance for our Salvation here.

So Lord, please strengthen us we pray to fight a world of sin
Till love has won the final day and heaven will take us in
Lord we would be holy, strong and pure and take the higher road
Your sacrifice the only way to lead us home to God.

Wyn Barratt Nov 2012.

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