Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Saints.

As I travel the road to Heaven there are many lessons learned
But the ones that touch my heart by far the most
Are the lessons that the saints of God have learned in pain and grief
And ones they’ve shared though they never tried to boast.

I have noticed that those suffering ones are the first to stretch their hand
To the struggling novice on their early walk
They don’t glower in a corner and bewail their suffering
But instead they praise their Lord while others talk.

These saints may be friends or mentors or found inside a book 
But with every trial they point us up to God
Just like Paul and Silas singing praise stretched out on prison’s filth
And so the jailer and his family turned to God.

I pray that I will emulate these precious saints of God
We will come across these folk most every day
Our candle may not yet be bright but the light of God is strong
And just one candle can always drive the dark away.

Wyn Barratt Nov 2012.

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