Monday, December 23, 2013

Silent Night, Silent Day

I feel as if I have dined on an empty plate. No jewel in the words I read today have stood out as a lesson or a guide to me.

Is this to be a silent day on this, the silent night
When shepherds in the quiet fields saw a brightly shining light?
They heard a voice, an angel spoke, no doubt was in their mind
Yet today while I am writing this I might as well be blind
Today I cannot see a light. The words I read are dead
And yet, Lord, I faithfully sit down to take my Daily Bread.

What have I done? Where have I failed? Does sin lie at my door?
I have prayed that You would cleanse me, even heal me, and then more
The sky is dark and cloudy, just today I need You Lord
To shine Your light upon me, or better still, walk through the door!
Well, now I’ve got that off my chest, did I detect Your smile?
You want my faith to be worked out and You were here all the while?.

W.B Dec 24th

Friday, December 20, 2013


Have you ever stood in silence, closed your eyes and begun to think
Of the blessings God has given, filling your cup up to the brink?
Beginning with a new day dawning, a fresh white page to start anew
The bed you’ve slept in, safe warm housing, food to eat, and loving, too.

Being loved another blessing, all too few can call this theirs
Until they know the Gentle Shepherd who loved the world; His life not spared
I know that life is not all blessing and trials come in spite of this
But they drive us to the arms of Jesus Who is slow to judge and quick to bless.

I could keep on like this for ever! Meet my Jesus! Love Him too!
I long to see you all in Glory. Is there something else that I could do?
Pray, of course to My dear Shepherd, His prayers for you will never cease
And until the day of His returning, may you know His Love and Peace.


Sunday, December 15, 2013


If I never say another word then let that word be ‘Thanks’!
Not, ‘God do this, or this, or that, please fill my needy banks’.
Let me first kneel to touch Your feet, caress the nail marked scars
And vow to step where You have walked, the path You walked now ‘ours’.

Do I say too often, ‘Help me, Lord’ when I should say ‘I’ll help You”?
Although You do not need it, but that’s what love would do
And if I bowed down before Your throne in armour every day
I’d be prepared to fight for Home and Glory all the way.

So let’s set out together an army to make God proud
With praises at Reveille and the Last Post just as loud
We might wake some sleeping giants and stir our Governments
Hold the cross up even higher; prove God’s power to be immense.

W.B Dec 2013.

Friday, December 6, 2013


Worship your Creator, you monumental trees
You’re reaching near to Heaven and swaying in the breeze
The sun is sparkling on your leaves while nesting birds hold tight
Your canopy holds darkness yet your crown is bright with light.
The grasses reaching round your feet are keeping your roots warm
Those roots now spread beneath the soil will hold in any storm.
And did our Saviour long ago rest underneath your shade
Or did he plant the very seed that your mighty stature made?
Stand proudly then oh mighty tree for you were made by God
And shelter those that come to you, as graciously you nod.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Can You See Me?

Lord, I’m down in the garden and under a tree
Mom said You see all things, but can You see me?
If I look to Heaven I just see blue sky
So where is the gateway and when will I die?

Yu’know I’m so alone here and if You are near
Please hold out Your hand, or sing in my ear
That’s what my Pa does when I cannot sleep
And his breath always tickles when his voice goes down deep.

I know that You’re big for You stretch East to West
So when I’m afraid may I lay on Your chest?
I’ll hear You breathing and I will be brave
For I know that You love me and You came to save.

Are We Waiting For God?

Are we waiting FOR God when we should wait WITH Him?
He knows just when the time is right
Never too late and never too early
The darkest night ends in bright morning light.
‘When’ ‘why’ and ‘if’ are such small words to handle
Yet they’re little foxes that eat Faith away.

God sees the big picture while we look through keyholes
He sees the end as we plod on the way.
Lord give us a vision to see life through Your eyes
While we joy in Your promises day after day
You Lord, are faithful, and the road ahead rises
We’re travelling Home, faith renewed every day.

W.B Dec '13

Sunday, December 1, 2013

God Is Good

God is good; let the world declare it
Lord, open the eyes of the spiritually blind
From innocent children to the dying aged
We see and declare Lord, that You are kind.
So many times Your hand has blessed us
Not many times we expressed our thanks
With every sunrise You show You are faithful
For every sunset we will give thanks.
We thrill with a day started with You, Lord
And the peace of a night within Your arms
Trials and blessings our earthly adventures
Safe in the knowledge Your Spirit’s in ours.