Sunday, December 15, 2013


If I never say another word then let that word be ‘Thanks’!
Not, ‘God do this, or this, or that, please fill my needy banks’.
Let me first kneel to touch Your feet, caress the nail marked scars
And vow to step where You have walked, the path You walked now ‘ours’.

Do I say too often, ‘Help me, Lord’ when I should say ‘I’ll help You”?
Although You do not need it, but that’s what love would do
And if I bowed down before Your throne in armour every day
I’d be prepared to fight for Home and Glory all the way.

So let’s set out together an army to make God proud
With praises at Reveille and the Last Post just as loud
We might wake some sleeping giants and stir our Governments
Hold the cross up even higher; prove God’s power to be immense.

W.B Dec 2013.

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