Monday, December 23, 2013

Silent Night, Silent Day

I feel as if I have dined on an empty plate. No jewel in the words I read today have stood out as a lesson or a guide to me.

Is this to be a silent day on this, the silent night
When shepherds in the quiet fields saw a brightly shining light?
They heard a voice, an angel spoke, no doubt was in their mind
Yet today while I am writing this I might as well be blind
Today I cannot see a light. The words I read are dead
And yet, Lord, I faithfully sit down to take my Daily Bread.

What have I done? Where have I failed? Does sin lie at my door?
I have prayed that You would cleanse me, even heal me, and then more
The sky is dark and cloudy, just today I need You Lord
To shine Your light upon me, or better still, walk through the door!
Well, now I’ve got that off my chest, did I detect Your smile?
You want my faith to be worked out and You were here all the while?.

W.B Dec 24th

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