Saturday, January 3, 2009

I Can Fly.

I can fly through the sky
I can sit on a cloud
I can slide down a rainbow or two
There’s no end to adventures
I know I can have
As I’ve got the imagination to do.

God gave me a brain
And I know I can gain
Such knowledge and skill as I grow
So I’ll learn to build homes
For the homeless I know
And grow food for the hungry ones too.

For those that have needs
Will also have dreams
And I want to help them find
That God loves them as much
As He loves all the rest
Of the people for whom He died.

We none of us have
All the stuff that we’d like
But we’re warm, and we’re sheltered, and fed
So how can we turn
And walk away from the sight
Of those who don’t have a bed?

God told us to care
For all those in need
And love them as we love ourselves
So that’s what I’ll do
Till I’m grown up like you
Then continue through all of my days.

W.B. JAN 2009.


Anonymous said...

You made my day with this poem.
Absolutely wonderful!!!!

wyn said...

Thank you Jeff.
I had your life in mind when I wrote this and really wanted to put a young photo of you at the top.