Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Carer.

Is there a path that I can walk entirely alone?
To wake each morning with the hope this day is just my own?
To feed each whim with everything that I would like to do
And just not care another’s there with needs and longings too.

No, that will never be, and I am blessed by that
For to wake and know you are alone, what blessing is in that?
We need another’s love and are honoured by that need
When we are doing God’s own work as our duties now we heed.

The time may come when we lose those that need us most
And then the days that have no claims may hover like a ghost.
Their empty places seen at every spot we look
And time once short now hangs unmoved on every empty hook.

W.B. Jan 2009


Marja said...

Wyn, I do not know how personal your poems are, but when reading this I am wondering how Geoff is doing and your family. Please let me know if you need specific prayer! That is the least thing I can do...

wyn said...

Bless you , Marja.
They are personal blogs often.
When I get tired my selfish streaks pops out but I'm alright next day!
Geoff's Parkinson's is taking a good hold these days.

maz said...

Hi, I found you in a google alert and popped in to have a wee look!

I'm a Carer and a blogger too!
I've been caring a long time so I can see what you mean.
Tiredness is the worst part but thankfully we find the energy to keep popping up again don't we!

maz x

maz said...

Hi, popped by to see how you were.

I'm inspired by the pretty verses and if you don't mind I@ll share them with my Carer group.

maz x

Wyn Barratt said...

Hi Maz! Sorry I didn't know about your comment.
Time has passed and so has Geoff. Over two years ago now. It was his birthday today and Iwas feeling pretty bad. THose last few lines of this poem are absolutely true even now! God bless, Wyn