Monday, January 19, 2009

Love Thy Neighbour

Did I see You Lord, kneeling beside that crying child, holding them in Your arms?
You were dressed as an old lady with shabby clothes, sheltering the child from harm.
Did I see You, Lord carrying a dog that had been hit by a car?
You looked like a young boy with a tear-stained face You carried that dog so far.

I saw You, as a neighbour, comfort a young wife standing distraught and alone
Her spouse had tired of making ends meet and had left their marital home.
You see a need and then send along a saint from down the street
So many people are hurting today and we are Your hands and Your feet.

W.B. Jan 2009.


Marja said...

So, so true Wyn, we are His hands and feet. Jesus doesn't walk the earth anymore, it is Him in us!! what a privilege... and what a difficult job sometimes.
Thank you Wyn for another great thought...

Cleda said...

What a pleasant surprise to make a rare visit to my blog page and find a comment from Wyn, wonderful ShoutLife Friend.... I will have to remember that this dashboard is here, so I can come and visit often... Always wonderful to see what words the LORD has placed on your heart..... have a great weekend.....

wyn said...

Thank you Marja, and Cleda,
You are great friends and I'm always happy for your encouragement.