Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mary, Mother of God.

May I write about Your Mother, Lord? The blessed woman You chose to use
To give birth to the Son of God from when the world was new
She must have been so pure and free from many mortal sins
Yet only You were spotless. I can’t grasp the outs and ins

What honour hers to nurture You, Her Holy Son sublime
To cradle You within her arms. I wished that honour mine
She cherished You throughout Your life. It’s every mother’s joy
Wept with Your sorrows, laughed with Your joy. You were her little boy

And even when You were grown up and left the family home
It seemed she followed even then wherever You had roamed
I understand that mother love, I tend to do that too
I hold on to my’ little boys’ I’m loathe to lose them too

She was the perfect Mother and knew when to let go
As You were on Your Father’s business, although she loved You so..
She saw her Child reproached and scorned Your beatings she observed
She had to watch it happen, knowing it was not deserved.

God had revealed Your destiny that anguish was her own
She knelt beside that cruel cross till her own dear Son went home
How quickly did she find You when You rose again?
Yet still she could not hold You till You came to earth again.

Her waiting time is over, Mother Mary is with You
Perhaps she’s in the Heavenly choir, and she would want that too
No lullaby is called for here, just worship for God’s Son.
She needed Your salvation just as other Mom’s have done.

W.B. Jan 2009.

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