Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Land Of No Tomorrows.

There’s a land of no tomorrows far beyond the sky
I’m going to go there someday though Dad says ‘Don’t you try’
I don’t know how I’ll get there I haven’t worked it out
But I’ve thought so much about it one day I’ll work it out.

‘The land of no tomorrows’ I like the way it sounds
I hate it when I want something and ‘Tomorrow’ is tossed around
My other friends agree with me their oldies say that too
When they want to do something interesting, ‘Tomorrow. That will do.’

In the land of no tomorrows the daylight never ends
The sun shines every single day and I’ll never leave my friends
I rather fancy going there on Santa’s reindeer sled
I can sometimes just imagine that when I lay upon my bed.

Well, now, it’s just occurred to me; do you think I might get bored?
The things I want to do I really can’t afford.
I may run out of ideas. I may run short of friends
I’d miss my mother calling me, and calling to my friends

She makes such super cookies and serves them with cold drinks
Then tea time’s not so far away when we’re filled up with cold milk
Maybe the land of no tomorrows should just stay as my dream
In dreams you know you can’t go wrong, that’s what I‘ve often seen.

So I’ll see you in the morning, for tomorrow’s another day
And we can make our plans then, of the games we are going to play.
Did you smell those cookies? I hope they’re chocolate chip
I’m going, Mum is calling me, and it’s one meal I won’t skip.

©2009 Wyn Barratt.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

It Is Christmas.

Yes, it is Christmas the special time of the year
Our Saviour was born in a world full of fear
What gifts should we give? A gift without price?
Just the gift of our heart is enough sacrifice.

Yes, it is Christmas, and we need not spend
A penny, a dollar, pile up debts without end
The birthday is Jesus’ and all that He seeks
Is a heart of submission and a soul that is meek.

So if we give gifts let them be for the poor,
The widows and orphans, the abused, there are more
For the rest of us let us just offer our love
In the name of our Saviour Who came down from above.

For it is Christmas and we behold Heaven’s joy!

©2009 Wyn Barratt

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Update Me.

Update me Lord. I often check my computer for such a thing.
Now I realise that my soul needs spiritual updating.
I plod along ‘same old, same old’ doing all I know I should
But I need a zap of Holy fire to do my soul some good.

Your power is there, always at hand, and I just need to ask.
I need Your Holy Fire Lord, for all my mundane tasks
I’d need it too, if there should be some great, exciting plan
That You will one day show to me. I’ll do anything I can.

And so, dear Lord, just look at me; You see I’m in such need
Of a flame of Holy Fire. Please send it now with speed.
A moment lost in indifference is a moment lost for good
And I am your dear servant, help me do all I should.

Update me Lord, not just today, but every day I live
I could set this world on fire; I have so much love to give.
My head is bowed, my hands are raised I’m ready to receive
Update me Lord, set me on fire; I believe Lord, yes, I believe.

©2009 Wyn Barratt.

Monday, December 14, 2009

I’m Done.

I’m done with self-pity and I’m going to sing
If You could hang upon the cross why am I complaining?
My road is no harder than the one You chose to take
I can wait till I reach heaven and then I’ll get a break.

So here’s to my servant hood and the trials that You send
You’ll ride the waves with me until my troubles end
There’s a light down the tunnel, I don’t care if it’s a train
For whatever You are sending I’ll have everything to gain.

So I’m singing of Your love for me and of my love for You
You only have been faithful. You’re the only One that’s true
You said You’ll never leave me and I believe that it is so
And You said You’ll be beside me wherever I may go.

So let’s go, Lord, I’m ready, and waiting Your next move
Together we will journey home, we’ve nothing left to prove
Heaven’s glory lies ahead, our Father’s waiting there
Be seated on Your Heavenly Throne and I will worship there.

©2009 Wyn Barratt.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

How Do You Feel?

How do You feel, Lord, when Your birthday comes round
And You look at the mess we are in?
It’s two thousand years since You died on the cross
When You came to save us from sin.

Do You weep, Lord, when You look at what man has done
Oh, yes, I know there are some
Who were martyred, and others who lived by Your Book
But what did most of us become?

Don’t despair, Lord, we are praying for Your kingdom to come
For love to fill everyone’s heart
For all folk to put You first in their lives
With the knowledge that we’ll never part.

So now on Your birthday, my present to You
Is my life, and my love, and my heart
Together with prayer that just one more soul
Will give You their lives at the start.

While they’re still young and sin has not spread
To ruin another young life
Before sin has eaten into their brain
And they cannot tell wrong from the right.

We all know of young ones we cherish for God
Whether family or friends, it’s the same
We’ll keep lifting their names that Your Spirit will work
Till they yield up their lives in Your name.

©2009 Wyn Barratt.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Have I Denied You? (Luke 22. v61-62)

Have I denied You, my Lord and Master?
Have I denied You, dearest Saviour, Friend?
Yes! Every time I put someone else before You
Was Your claim on me denied, or at an end?

You turn to look at me with each denial
Your love for me is forever and without end
Has my love for You grown cold or lost in fear
Though once I claimed You as my Saviour, Friend?

Don’t look at me, Lord, when I deny You
I want to run away and weep my bitter tears
Your love shines through eyes now dark with sorrow
That I, Your child, should turn from love so dear.

Oh Lord, forgive as You have done before this
My denials of You are forever at an end
You will be first ,and foremost of all my loyalties
I’ll worship You as Saviour, Lord, and Friend.

I’ll be there when people would deny You
I’ll be there, beside Your cross of pain
I’ll stand with You, when cruel ones deride You
I’ll be there when You come from Heaven again.

I am Your child, You are my loving Father
And now Your pain I want my pain to be
I’ll never deny the One Who died to save me
The Son of God Whom I nailed to a tree.

You are my heart, my life, my Lord and Master
I am now bound to You my Lord, in love too
When You are pained, that pain will strike at my heart
As I try to understand what You went through.

You walked to the cross even as I denied You
You walked to the cross while others wept in grief
You walked on and on, just because You loved us
And You knew Your life was not Yours to keep.

You sacrificed it to show how much You loved us
You surrendered it to pay for all our sin
You conquered death and sin with resurrection
Your Spirit now has filled my heart within.

I’ll walk with You; I’ll stand with You; You are my God.

©2009 Wyn Barratt

Monday, November 23, 2009


Are you chained by addictions, wracked by despair?
Grace only can free you. Jesus is there.
He has the power to set your life free
He bought your Salvation on Calvary’s tree.

All that it takes is “Lord, please save me!”
He takes your hands and you are now free.
Free from the chains of hell that gripped you
Free to climb out of the pit holding you.

I’m not saying it’s easy but it is a fact
That Jesus will help you each time that you act
To follow His Word and call on His Spirit
In faith you will grow when your will is in it.

You are made in God’s image, He planned for your birth
And for your future, for He knows what you’re worth.
He knew you were worth dying for; He is giving you hope
So tie up those demons, you have enough rope.

©2009 Wyn Barratt.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

What Is It Like In Heaven?

What is it like in Heaven?
Is it a busy, busy place?
Do You give instructions to angels
Then they set Your plans in place?

What work is performed by redeemed ones ?
Do they leave their mansion each morn
If there is no sunrise to tell them
Another new day is born?

No hospitals, prisons or clinics
The house won’t get dusty again
No windows to clean, (that is great news)
No spiders coming in from the rain. (I hope).

Will babies be babies for ever?
I have so many questions to ask
And I won’t know the answer for ages
For I’m not ready for Heavenly tasks.

I’ve decided there’s too much to do here
And I’m working more slowly each day
I need time for pondering and praying
If I’m to keep the enemy away.

So Lord please stay closely beside me
Or send an angel or two
I’m inclined to become quite flustered
With so many things to do.

But with peace in my heart from You, Lord
And my eyes fixed firmly on You
Whatever ever task You set me
I’ll do anything for You..

©2009 Wyn Barratt.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


I am a stranger here.
I never fitted in
More comfortable with little ones
And reaching their souls within.

Can I a stranger be
When I have family?
So many loved ones, young and old;
A growing family tree.

I’m passing through this world
A matriarch of sorts
To set an example of a God-filled life
And my family to exhort.

My rich inheritance
Of family I dearly love
My prayer is just that they should all
Yield their lives to God above.

So I’m not a stranger now
But a pilgrim passing through
Leaving growing numbers of offspring
That I yield up to You.

Please bless my family, Lord
And take them for Your own
And I will still be praying for them
When I stand before Your throne.

©2009 Wyn Barratt.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Good Morning God

Good morning, God! No school today!
I’m quite excited now,
But are the angels grumpy?
The sky is dark with clouds.

I hope that things aren’t going wrong
Up there in heaven for You
I know that You’re not grumpy
That’s not a God thing to do.

But if the sky is angry, dark
There must be a good reason
It was so blue just yesterday
Is it just a change of season?

Well that is what my Mom says
When things start going weird
And she should know for when she’s mad
She’s someone to be feared.

It takes a lot to make her cross
It’s generally some disaster.
Like food on fire that stirs her ire
And has her running faster.

If I mess up she’s not like that
But calls me round the corner
So my sister doesn’t notice it
And eavesdrop till Mom warns her.

Well now I’ve told You everything
I hope Your day improves
Can You send a little patch of blue
While I learn some skateboard moves?

© 2009 Wyn Barratt.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oh Lord, Come To Me.

Oh, Lord, come to me
Holy Spirit, help me see
All the gifts that You gave me
Are blessings straight from Heaven.

Every day please touch my head
You know what will lie ahead
Just give me my Daily Bread
My blessing straight from Heaven.

My future rests within Your hands
Here at home, or in foreign lands
Your gifts always wrapped in loving bands
More blessings, straight from Heaven.

Oh, my Lord, come down to me
Holy Spirit help me see
That my life is of use to Thee
And blesses someone bound for Heaven.

©2009 Wyn Barratt.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Lean On Me.

Psalm 139:9 & 10 "If I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea; even there shall Thy hand lead me, and Thy right hand shall hold me."

Lean On Me.

I have given you a brand new day
Can’t you face it?
Lean on Me.

Do you feel forgotten sometimes?
Do you feel alone?
Lean on Me.

Have your cares piled up on you?
You can’t see a way through?
Lean on Me.

Have you lost hope in your future?
Are dark mists now blinding you?
Trust in Me.

Do you want to make a difference
In someone else’s life today?
Follow Me.

Will you help someone like you?
Help Me show them what to do?
Walk with Me.

I will give you the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places, that you may know that I, the Lord, who calls you by name, am the God of Israel." Isaiah 45:2,3...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Make Me Beautiful

Make something beautiful of me Lord
Use a little of the sun
Because the sun is bright and warm
And it’s where folk like to come.

Then perhaps a little sky
Transparent, clear and true
So when others turn to look at me
They see right through to You.

The glow of the moon to shine through the gloom
Dispelling darkness for those burdened too
Please attach a few stars to show where You are
So my journey will lead Me to You

Make my mind just like Yours Holy and pure
Purposed to do Your will
I’d like rock in my feet so I don’t slip as I seek
The next step on this journey uphill.

Then colour me faithful, loving and true
A child of my Father above
Who will faithfully tell, ‘live for God, do His will
And He’ll colour you, too, with His love.’

©2009 Wyn Barratt.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tired Of School?

I’m absolutely, definitely, tired of school today
I want to hear my teacher say a holiday’s on its way
I made a mess of lessons because I hadn’t been prepared.
I didn’t do my homework in case I seemed a ‘nerd’.

It’s not that I want to appear stupid all my life
Though that is what will happen if I’m a slacker and a pike
I want to be much smarter than that fellow on TV
I’m full of useless information if you ask me.

So now I have decided I will study very hard
And do all my homework, though I’ll still play in the yard.
One day you’ll see my name on a board upon a door
And you’ll know you’ve found someone who really knows it all.

©2009 Wyn Barratt.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Your Second Coming.

I lie in my bed and gaze up at the sky
I imagine I see Your dear Face.
I’m laying here waiting for Your second coming
How long do I have to wait?

You said to be ready, and so I am here
And watching for You from the skies
But I’m getting sleepy because I am tired
And I might just close my eyes.

So wake me dear Father if You should return
While I am fast asleep
Because in my heart I am ready and waiting
As Your commandments I’m trying to keep.

You are stroking my face with a soft little breeze
The clouds pass the moon, drifting by
When the sun wakes us up on this side of the world
The other half waves it goodbye.

So I lie on my bed and gaze up at You, Lord
I am ready, so come, get me now
I’m laying here waiting for Your second coming
I’m determined to see You, somehow.

©2009 Wyn Barratt.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Speak To Me.

Speak to me Lord, I want to speak about You
Sing to me Lord, as we walk through the land
Lead me Lord, so that I can follow
Guide me Lord, I want to hold Your hand.

Give me hope to look forward to my future
Extend to me Your Joy to fill my heart anew
Offer me Your mercy when I disappoint You
And Your power to stop disappointing You.

I want to show my gratitude for all You do for me
Accept my adoration for all Your earthly pain
I want to return to You the love You showered on me
So, Holy Spirit pour on me Your cleansing rain.

2009 Wyn Barratt.

Friday, August 28, 2009

My Gyroscope.

Lord, You are my Gyroscope
You help me stay afloat
Through stormy seas.

You would have me rejoice
And raise up my voice
To You in praise.

The waves now are so high
I know that You are nigh
Let me see You Lord.

You are saying ‘Peace be still’
This surely is Your will
I will rest in You.

I accept all at Your hand
It is just what You had planned
So I yield to You.

©2009 Wyn Barratt

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Now We’re Alone.

Now we’re alone we can share secrets
Now we’re alone confide in me
You are my Lord, I’m here to worship
Please touch my soul, Lord please bless me.

Now we’re alone I lay my burdens
Down at Your feet and then I am free
Free to obey without restrictions
You took my burdens and gave peace to me

Alone with You, then I can ponder
All of the things that came to be
So many blessings Lord I wonder
Why You should be so good to me.

All silence now we are in union
My sins confessed, Your mercy heals
Your touch again has come to strengthen
When we are alone Your love is revealed.

Never alone without Your presence
Always at home when You are near to me
Safe in Your arms I joy in the future
Never alone for You are with me.

©2009 Wyn Barratt.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

What A God !

Do I forget when I get a problem
That my Father has dealt with many of them
Do the birds fly in a tizz because they forgot what day it is?
Or the best fat worms decided to hide?

Whatever the matter, don’t let your brains scatter
Just whisper a message to God
His angels are in line to fly to you in time
To reveal a solution from God.

You don’t need great elocution to pray for a solution
Just whisper, “Please help me, dear Lord.”
He hears what you are thinking and while you are still speaking
His rescue plan will be on the board.

It doesn’t take a commotion for God to set in motion
The way to help you cope with the mess you’re in
This battle may be with Satan who has already taken
Far more of your life than he should be in.

So tell Satan where to go and the God who loves you so
Will work things out and carry you through
Send the SOS and wait, God will never hesitate
The answers flying from Heaven just for you.



©2009 Wyn Barratt.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Walking Through Life

Will you walk with me, beloved, through the springtime of our life
While our love is young and everything is green?
Will you hold my hand and vow with me that there will be no strife
While we look around at this glorious scene?.

Will you walk with me, beloved, through the summer of our life
When new hopes and plans for prosperity lie ahead
Our quiver full, as parents proud, of children fit and free
While we teach them where to look for Daily Bread.

Will you walk with me, beloved, through the autumn of our life
Now the children all have flown out from the nest
Our hopes and plans are all forgotten, and we are slowing down
Will you walk beside me even then?

Will you walk with me, beloved, through the winter of our life
When walking may be difficult at best
Just take my hand and we will walk down memory’s lane instead
And watch our grandchildren play as we just rest.

If you should go to Glory first please look on me sometimes
I’ll be the one that’s walking home alone you see
But don’t be sad for me because I’ll be coming to Glory soon
And I’ll be the young and pretty wife I used to be.

©2009.Wyn Barratt

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mother of the Groom.

Where did the days go? I lost my boy today.
Some woman came and took him right away.
She told me that she loved him, but then so did I
And I wanted the boy I knew to stay.
He was a cute and chubby baby, who loved to play
A ready laugh, and he liked to make me smile.

At school he’d once run home with his face all flushed with grief
Some little bug had died inside his sleeve.
He found it in a puddle and felt he’d rescued it
He had hidden it where his teacher couldn’t tell.
Now Mick is all grown up and he loves a sweet young girl
God chose them for each other, I’m sure of it.

They will walk in sweet communion
For God has blessed their union
And my son is now a man as all can tell.
But to me he’s still my baby
Whom I loved and prayed for daily
And I am still his Mom, so really, all is well.

Wyn Barratt
August 2009.

Friday, August 14, 2009

It’s The Beginning.

It’s the beginning of the start of this journey
I’ve finished with the last part of my life
This is the beginning of the beginning of my new life
And the end of all my sin and guilt and strife.

Jesus has washed me in His blood and really cleansed me
This is the beginning of my new life with Him
I’m so glad to have my guilt and sin disposed of.
I’m so glad to start a new life with Him.

Jesus and I are one and it’s now I realize
I have the best Friend there ever could be
I’m at the beginning of the start of my new life
It’s the end of the old destructive one I see.

Jesus and I will walk through this life together
I’ve been saved by the Son and I’m happy to be free
So Satan can crawl back into his dark old corner
I’m wise to him and his crafty tricks, you see.

Jesus and I can now walk on up to glory
I’ll never leave the One Who rescued me
He’s my very best Friend and there’s no other
Who can do what He has done for me.

Thank You Jesus You are the very best friend to me.

2009 Wyn Barratt.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Walk With Me, Lord.

Walk with me Lord, the way is dark just lately
Walk with me Lord, my eyes are growing dim
Stretch out Your hand so I can know you’re near me
Then walk with me till heavens’ safety I win.

Talk with me, Lord, till I understand whys and wherefores
Talk with me, Lord, it’s lonely down here
Tell me You love me, ten more times may do it
Speak to my heart and keep me from all fear.

Look at me, Lord, and see how much I need You
Open my eyes so I can see Your heart
My eyes are dim and sore with all earth’s gravel
Clear Thou my vision till I see Your heart.

©2009. Wyn Barratt.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Hands Of God.

The hands that spread the stars in space
Then gave them each a name
That placed the moon upon its path
And set the sun ablaze.

These are the hands that held a child
The hands that took the nails
That created the earth’s beauty
And strange creatures that amaze.

The clouds that seem spun with gossamer
The flowers of myriad hue
Are testimonies to the mind of God
And the hands that made us too.

Your hands have steadied old and young
The frail and insecure
Lifted up the broken soul,
Found food to give the poor

They counted out our every hair,
They measured up our days
Your hands are beautiful dear Lord
With the scars from cruel nails.

©2009 Wyn Barratt.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Were You Ever Lonely Lord?

Were You ever lonely Lord in spite of all those crowds
Is that why You would climb the hills that were sometimes topped with clouds?
So many people wanting You and expecting to receive
While the disciples You were training to help the ones in need

But You would miss Your Father and His loving encouragement
It was hard to be alone at times, I know just how that felt
The disparaging remarks of those gloomy Sadducees,
And the self righteousness of the Pharisees

You must have wondered if it was worth the supreme sacrifice
Even before You had to die and pay the ultimate price.
But You were faithful to Your cause, faithful unto death
Hanging silent on that cross until Your final breath

Then after Your resurrection when You finally went home
Your Father’s arms enfolded You as You sat upon Your throne.
Just because You suffered and knew loss and loneliness
You see those who are lonely are held close to Your breast.

Oh Lord may we remember that it is our task to see
The lonely, lost, and needy are important to Thee
So we’ll care for others as if we cared for You
Until one day when You return and there’s no more we can do.

©2009 Wyn Barratt.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Peace of God.

Oh the joy of rest when a battle has been won
To rest within the arms of God when He whispers, ‘Child, well done’
When all the pain and struggle fades into half forgotten thought
And our God shows He is pleased at a brave battle fought.

There a peace in You, dear Saviour, You place in human hearts
Not devised or manufactured through any kind of art
It’s transmitted through the Spirit and comes down from above
A gift from God alone, and it is wrapped inside His love.

God’s peace is like a velvet glove that caresses our mind
Or like a soft and gentle breeze that our spirit entwines
We start to feel it when we kneel beside the Mercy Seat
Or when we contemplate Salvation, that makes our lives complete.

We need to carry that peace always deep within our heart
It will shield us from harm when another battle starts
It is the strand of silk that clings firmly around our heart
And binds us to the Saviour so we can never part.

©2009. Wyn Barratt.

Friday, July 24, 2009

There’s A River

There’s a river that’s flowing, a river of love
It comes from the heart of the Father above
Although we may feel that we’re all alone
This river will carry us up to the throne

A throne of all mercy with judgment and truth
The blood of our Saviour has been shed for you
Surrender your heart and your troubles and pain
And feel the arms of the Lord put around you again.

There’s a place of still water God wants you to know
He’ll walk there beside you as closer you grow
There’ll be pastures of green and a table that’s laid
With provisions to strengthen, nourish and aid.

There’s nothing but joy and hope up ahead
Your Lord will feed you with His living Bread
Your trials and struggles are part of His plans
He holds you for ever in His gentle hands.

W.B. July 2009.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Is today a day of silence
No special uplift from God’s Word?
Do you feel that God is missing
Perhaps with someone who more deserves?

This is when the Lord is nearest
Standing with you, friend with friend
You know He said He’d never leave you
He’s close by now right to the end.

This is when your faith is tested
Standing on the brink of what?
Perhaps God thinks it’s time you rested
No worry then, ‘Shall I?’’ Shall I not?’

Just enjoy the cool still waters
And the quiet of pastures green
His plans for you are continually forming
Even though they are not seen.

W.B. July 2009.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Thank You, Lord

Thank You for a new day, thank You for Your love
Thank You for sending Jesus from His glorious home above
Thank You for Salvation and the cleansing precious Blood
Thank You Lord, for finding me when I was hiding from Your love.

Words are never good enough to tell of Your majesty
Your beauty and Your mercy, Your forgiveness, full and free
No spoken word or language could express how I feel
Though angel hosts in heaven can Your glory reveal.

But one day when You call me home my gratitude I’ll tell
In the language of heaven ,as I’ll learn to know it well.
But while I’m here down on the earth my heart will have to do
I know the Holy Spirit will pass it on to You.

He speaks to You with groanings that I cannot pen with words
Telling how I love You, Lord, in this, Your other world.
For all creation worships the Creator of all things
From creatures underneath the sea to those You made with wings.

The stones cry out in worship, nothing could silence them
So why do we stay silent? Is Your death forgotten then?
I call on all who claim to be the children of the King
Fall on your knees and worship our glorious King of Kings.

W.B. July 2009.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I'm Dancing.

Lord I am dancing down the highway of Your kingdom
You came to rescue me and now there’s music in my heart
So now I am dancing to the music You are sending
You set my feet dancing when You stepped into my heart.

Lord, I knew I needed You, so I found where You were passing
I’m too small to see, so I climbed up in a tree
That tree was a Sycamore but I was really sicko’me
Yet You saw me Lord and said You’d visit me.

Now, Lord, I’m dancing down the highway of Your kingdom
You came to rescue me and now there’s music in my heart
And so I am dancing to the music You are sending
You set my feet dancing when You stepped into my heart.

Once I was lost and I needed You to find me
I never heard the music You were singing to me
But now I can dance to the music You are singing
As You guide me through the pathways to Your heart.

W.B. July 2009.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Winter Of Content.

The nights draw in and the days are cold. I huddle by the fire.
Somehow I have time to ponder and browse through old, feverish times.
I sit and am drawn towards the fire with its hot golden flames
Like the fire from God’s alter. I hope it burns my dross again.

The fire dies and the cold moves in. Now God just sits with me
Sometimes completely silent, sometimes setting thoughts free.
I move towards the worship of a God so great, so kind
His loving words taking shape in the corners of my mind.

I don’t feel this way in summer. It’s not a pondering time for me
But in the dark, cold, wintry days, there’s more time for God you see.
When I huddle over the fire, there are no thoughts of chores or plans
No daydreaming as in summer days, of work to fill my hands.

Just warmth and dark and cold around and I can sit and hide
While God and I can visit. He is so close right by my side
I am content with pondering and the worship of my Lord
And all the while my spirit heals and is drawn closer by His love.

W.B.. July 2009.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Keep Your Eye On Me Father.

Keep Your eye on me Father
You promised You’d always be near
I’m afraid I may slip right out of Your sight
My trouble seems always so near.

So keep Your eye on me Father
24/7 and more
I want You to watch me closely
In case I leave You at the door.

I don’t want to be a rebel
I’ve spent most of my life like that
Now You’ve won my heart, I’m Your servant
No more wandering from You, that’s a fact.

You watched for me when I left You
Why did you care so much for me?
You knew I’d be lost without You
Now I’ve returned, but yet I am free.

I am free to leave You dear Saviour
But I love You too much to go
So keep Your eye on me Father
My eyes are on You , yes, You know.

W.B.. July 2009.

You Are my Righteousness.

O Holy Father, You are my righteousness
What a huge task You have
My humanity presents You with crumbling walls
When a tower of strength You would love.

In Christ alone am I righteous
I plead the precious blood
His sacrifice is needed to show me
As righteous to You Lord above.

Your power within me, Your Spirit I crave
My spirit starves to death without You
Cleanse me, fill me, build me up
Your love alone keeps me true.

I want to serve You precious Lord
And walk with You faithfully
Your goodness and mercy is never withdrawn
So thank You for loving me.

W.B. July 2009.

Our Prayers

Lord, we bring our prayers to You
And know You understand
The things we long have prayed for
Are in Your gentle hands.

Our future still is yet unknown
And we would have it so
Sufficient is our care today
As step by step we go.

Nothing that we suffer
Has not been felt by You
And yet You’ll face it all again
To help us travel through.

Our pain is Your pain
Our longings touch Your heart
So Jesus, fold us in Your arms
And in obedience we’ll do our part.

W. B. July 2009

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Looking Back, Looking Up, Looking Round.

When I look back Lord, look back on my life
I see how You led me in love
All of my failings, mistakes and wrongdoings
Are wiped from Your records above.

So when I look up and my eyes are on You
I don’t need to stumble again
For You are my Saviour and I long to please You
As long as my life will remain.

I see Your hand on every part of my life
And I trust You for all that is left
Tomorrow is wrapped in Your shelter of love
I know in that love I’ll be kept.

I can now look around since I’m safe and secure
And see all the work I can do
To care for Your loved ones wherever they are
Show them love, fill their needs, as You’d do.

So I can look back, and up, and around
I see You in every place
Wherever You lead me Your love will abound
I am safe in Your Mercy and Grace.

W.B. July 2009.

Call Me.

When you are in deep despair
Call on Me for I am there
When your hope is all but gone
I stand beside you, God’s own Son.

Are you bowed with sorrow’s care?
Just whisper to Me, I’m always there
Lay all your burdens at My feet
Look up! I am at the Mercy Seat.

Dear child please know I weep with you
I smile when you smile, I watch what you do
I gave you my life and I hope to share yours
Come up to the Throne room this fellowship is ours.

W.B. July 2009

Saturday, June 27, 2009

All Of Grace

If I have done Your will today
It’s all of Grace and none of me.
The robe of righteousness you gave
Shields me from sin, yet I am free.

Free to choose whom I will obey
Free to follow, yet free to sin.
Oh, precious Lord, keep my love strong
Your Spirit cleanses and I hold You within.

Lord I choose life and I choose You
I know the things that I should do
You are my guide, my reason to live
My eyes turned to You, Lord, I’m ready for You.

Ready to take the next step in faith
Ready to receive more of Your Grace
I have all Your armour, I’m willing and strong
My eyes are on You Lord, I look full in Your face.

W.B. June 2009.

I Wish I Could Fly.

I wish I could fly through the sky.
Because it’s blue
And there’s nothing to do.

I’d fly around
My eyesight would be sound
I could see the ground
And you!

I’d fly to the ‘Land of eternal spring’
That has a certain ring
I don’t like the cold, I wouldn’t grow old
Well, why am I waiting?

Did you call? Please don’t!
I’m in the land of irresponsibility
I don’t want you to tell me
I’m just being silly.

I’m flying free
And there’s no-one but me
And I’m not coming back
Till I’m ready.

W.B. June 2009.

I’m Stepping Forward.

I’m stepping forward, in the love of God
He’s the centre of my world, as it should be
I am holding the key to His supplies for me
Won’t you join me on my pilgrimage to God?

There are clouds in the sky and they will pass me by
I’m sheltered in the loving arms of God
No evil can harm me since Christ died upon the tree
Won’t you join me in my worship of our God?

The world may still be turning but soon it will be stopped
The clock is close to midnight, don’t you see?
It’s two thousand years since my Saviour died for me
It’s time for your salvation. Let it be.

I’m not travelling alone since Christ will lead me home
But I’d really love to have your company
We would really be strong and could right so many wrongs
When were travelling together, don’t you see?

W.B. June 2009.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Prayers of the Saints.

The prayers of the saints pave a pathway to God
Whether chanted in churches, whispered, or thought
They rise like clouds of incense floating up above
Wrapping those we pray for in a shelter of love.

Our praises to You, Lord, and the whole Trinity
Are just echoes of the worship we long to give Thee
All over the world and at every hour
Petitions and praise building up like a tower.

Our prayers are absorbed in the walls of a church
Or in a humble room where we kneel down to search
For words prayed with wisdom, Your promises claimed
Or just a plea, ‘God bless my friend’ with the love that contains.

W.B. June 2009.

Friday, June 12, 2009

My Tomorrows.

Lord, I’m not looking forward at tomorrow
I’m just holding out my arms to You today
It’s quite enough for me to take the next step that I see
Just be a lamp down at my feet I pray.

Now, one more step. I wonder what will today bring?
I am trying not to dread what lies ahead
I know Your love for me is all I need to see
In trust I’ll go everywhere I’m led.

Just hold me Lord, and I won’t worry about tomorrow
Lead me Lord and I’ll trust in Your strength today
I’ll fix my eyes upon You, my Saviour, only
Then my tomorrow will be just one little day.

W.B. June 2009.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Without You.

I wouldn’t want to live if there were no Saviour
I wouldn’t want to live if there were no God
How would I live my life without the hope I have in You
You’ve been with me every single step I trod.

Without You, my life is over
Without You, it is the end
The end of all my hopes and dreams of Glory
The end of love and friendship my Dear Friend.

Without a Saviour, why would the sun even shine?
Without my glorifying Lord who would need rain?
Without Your Holy Spirit’s power to sustain me
Or Your precious blood to make me whole again.

Without You, there’ll be no joy in my tomorrows
Without You this long , long day will never end
But now You’ve come to walk with me through those tomorrows
It’s the start of love and friendship, my Dear Friend.

I want to live, because You love me
I want to live, because You died
I want to glorify You Lord, and do all You ask of me
Dear Jesus You are always at my side.
Yes, Jesus, You are always at my side.

Only with You there is life, love, and hope, Lord.

W.B. June 2009.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Carers’ Creed.

Do you ever feel the mundane tasks
Are a burden now to you?
Their ‘dailyness’ gives you no break
And some are distasteful too?

Just look at them as ‘washing feet’
A task our Lord performed
The lowliest work of servanthood
Is where character is formed.

If God himself could kneel and wash
Our soiled and filthy feet
To show love and humility
To those He came to meet.

What honour then for us to do
That sacrificial thing
Then all our mundane daily tasks
Are done for God, our king.

W.B. June 2009.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Journey.

My Journey.

I have been told that I ‘wear everything on my sleeve’, and that my poetry reveals whether I have had a good day or a bad day.

That is true.
King David showed the same things in his Psalms, which also happens to be my favourite book in the Bible.

My poems for the most part, are my cries to God, my Saviour, my Friend.
I wanted to share everything with you, my friends, and fellow travellers on the road to Glory.

You will learn my feelings, my regrets, my longings and my pleas and praise to my Heavenly Father.
I would like to add also, my successes and triumphs, but they are very few, sadly.

I am a slow learner, too impulsive, and as a friend so succinctly put it, inclined to fire a gun and try to chase the bullets!

Don’t emulate me! Learn from my mistakes! Please!

In exposing my innermost thoughts and feelings it is because I have been led to share my journey with you in the hope that you will escape the pits into which I have fallen too many times, and that you may find help and encouragement too.

Psalm 27.v.4 ‘I pray that you too will be blessed as you inquire in His Temple.’

W.B. June 1 2009

Were You There?

Were you standing near the Cross when my Saviour died
Did you see the stone rolled away from the grave
Did you follow the Christ down the dusty road
Until He said to tell the others he was alive?

Will you follow Jesus wherever He goes
If He walks the desert or mountain road
If He crosses rivers or walks on mighty waves
Will you stand with Him when He stands alone ?

He maybe going hungry, or be tired or sad
When He seeks the needy and the lost
Will you join Him there as he holds out His arms
Will you stand by Him whatever the cost?

God’s beloved Son always stood by us
Whatever pain and torture He endured
He never turns away, never lets us down
He stands with us . Are we loyal and sure?

W.B. May 2009.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Humanity.

Oh God, take away the pain of my humanity
Remove from me my propensity to sin
Raise me from the depths of my depression
Have mercy on the state that I am in.

You only can place within me Holy Fire
You only can burn out the dross within
Dear Saviour hear my pleas and my desire
Without Your blood how will my life begin?

My trust in You will replace my fears and distrust
Of everything that’s good You brought to me
Holy Spirit send Your cleansing fire
Right now oh God, please set me free.

I have no need to stand and shiver
On the brink of every shiny brand new day
In fear of what might happen if I weaken
When because of impulse I throw my victory away.

Your victory is there to give me power
To fight my demons and to always win
Your resurrection power is mine this very hour
I’m free to fly with You, so let’s begin.

W.B. May 2009.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Cannot Tell.

I cannot tell why a Holy God should love me
Or why He should choose me as his precious child
Or why Jesus died for me while watched by others
Who would look upon God’s Son and just deride.

But I can tell you all that Jesus loves you
And that He died to save and set you free
Please see that sin and doubt will end your future
Of eternity with Him, whose love you see.

I cannot say why His creations are so beautiful
And you are one of His creations too
But this I know, He made you because He loves you
And with His salvation your life will be made new.

So please choose life and walk with God in glory
And tread this earth with all He made for you
God’s family now will welcome and surround you
The Holy Spirit within to guide you through.

Have faith in God, He is your Heavenly Father
Untold adventures may attend your day
Or yet, a quiet walk beside still waters,
Whatever path, He holds you all the way.

W.B. May 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Let Me Look.

Let me look into Your eyes when I feel anger
Let me look into Your heart when I feel pain
Let me stand beneath the cross when all around is loss
Let me touch Your side and hands that hold the nails.

Help me staunch the tears that fall for my own sorrows
Help me turn my back on my own selfish needs
There are those who suffer loss, I need to show the cross
And care for ones whose troubles no one heeds.

Your lost sheep are scattered everywhere, dear Saviour
Among my family, friends, and those I’ve yet to meet
Lord, hear my prayer that they will hunger and not be satisfied
Till they see the cross and kneel Lord, at Your feet.

W.B. May 2009.

Monday, May 18, 2009

In Honour Of You, My Lord.

Everywhere I look, Lord
I see a sign of You
In clouds and rain and sunshine
In everything You do.

The birds sing out their praises
As soon as the dawn breaks
And my heart leaps in response, Lord
And follows in their wake.

Another day, and other chance
To prove my love for You
Whatever then may happen
Is a gift or test to do.

Oh Saviour You’re my teacher
I’m learning at Your feet
It’s only then I realize
The good you wish for me.

I’m surrounded by Your loving gifts
From earth and sky and sea
At every turn You hold out more
Your gifts of love for me.

Lord, I can never, never match
Your mercy love and care
If I could live ten thousand years
My offerings would still be bare.

But You only ask of me
To love, trust and obey
So I surrender up my will
From this moment and every day.

W.B May 2009

Sunday, May 17, 2009

To Be Alone.

Would that I could stand upon a lonely hill
And by the gentlest zephyr be caressed
My eyes closed to heighten the sense of other things
Then breathe the fragrance from the trees at rest.

If you were to stand there quietly with me
Not speaking, but a kindred spirit there
Would we both hear music carried on the breeze?
And think beautiful thoughts without a care?

Your presence would direct all my thoughts to you
And my spirit would no longer be free
So goodbye my dear companion I need to be alone
So my spirit may fly oh God to Thee.

W.B. March 2009

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Winter Of My Soul

Lord, I’m coming out of a deep black hole
It seemed to be the winter of my soul
The trials and the coldness that I felt
Just chilled my heart till I crept into my shell.

I shut You out too while I shut out the world
My pain inside as by myself I curled
But You opened up my shell when Your blood flowed in
I heard you say,.’ I’ll forgive you if you confess your sin’.

‘Come to Me dear child and I will lead you out
Tell your Heavenly Father what all this is about.
You not only hurt yourself, but You hurt Me too
Come to Me and I’ll show you what I can do.’

Yes, take me by the hand Lord lead me out into the light
Into the warmth of Your great love where all is clear and bright.
No need to hide or shiver, His hand’s outstretched to guide
Just hold on to the Saviour, He’ll always be your guide.

W.B. May 2009.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Another Storm.

There are storm clouds building up
On my horizon once again
Already I hear thunder
And feel spots of heavy rain.

Can I survive the turmoil
From any more pain and strife?
Oh Lord, be Thou my Shepherd
And the Guardian of my life.

Oh save me Father, shelter me
My boat is rocking once again
Please call to calm the coming storm
And whisper, “This is My rain.’.

Oh Holy Spirit rain on me
And keep me through the storm
My boat is filling up again
Please shelter me from harm.

Where are the green pastures?
Where is the water still?
Where is the table spread for me?
Where is the peace my soul to fill?

Oh shelter me dear Saviour
My boat is sinking fast
Without Your love and mercy
I know my strength won’t last.

W.B. May 2009.

It’s Me, Jamie.

Hello, everyone, it’s me, Jamie.
I’m bored and I wanted to write
I’ve nothing to say, but I’ll try anyway
But I promise I won’t give you a fright.

I give them to my little sister
Because she‘s a pain in the neck
My Mom tells me off and my Dad just smiles
So I scare her and say, ‘what the heck!’

My sister’s name is Betty
I call her Betty Blue
She always looks sad, even when I’m not bad
Perhaps she wonders just what I will do.

She’s pretty, and that just annoys me
‘Cos she looks in the mirror, and such.
I think that’s the problem with being a girl
They care what they look like too much.

I wonder if God loves girls
As much as I know He loves boys
He was raised by a carpenter that’s how I know
He would really enjoy ‘boys toys’.

So when I grow up I will make things
That I know will make Jesus proud
I may even make something for poor Betty Blue
And I know she would show it around.

W.B. May 2009.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

What Color ?

What color do I paint my life
When You should yield the brush?
You laid Your plans yet all my days
Go by in such a rush.

I dabble here and dabble there
No God-given plans are mine
Whatever seems a good idea
I think will then be fine.

No wonder then I don’t mature
Or see your colors in my life
Lord, take Your brush, I’m in no rush
Just color Jesus clear and bright.

Then all my days are Yours to guide
Send me where’ ere You will
Each day is one you have supplied
Color me with Jesus, I will be still.

W.B. May 2009.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Same Old, Same Old.

Do we wake in the morning to the ‘same old, same old’
And think nothing changes for us?
The grass to be mowed, the chores to be done
And problems keep on coming up?

Take ‘time out’ and listen for the still small voice
It’s only a whisper, I know
But when God whispers the things you should do
That’s the time we’ll begin to grow.

We may feel all alone in our struggles and strife
Like Elijah when he hid in a cave
But God had seven thousand faithful ones
Left behind when Elijah escaped.

We are covered by prayer from God’s faithful
Who raise our name every day
We must not forget to hold them up too
Prayer strengthens us all on our way.

We are a family, the family of God
We’re all one hidden under the Blood
Whatever we look like, our heart should be one
To love God, each other, and do good.

W.B. May 2009.


I stand on the edge of darkness, shadows reaching out with long waving arms trying to pull me forward into a black abyss.
I want to let go and be carried by whatever force is out there. This is the only way I can be absolved from the responsibility of my plans, my actions, my weaknesses.
Where will I be taken if I yield? It won’t be on the wings of heaven or in the strong arms of a raging torrent. I will be tossed hither and thither, no progress, no purpose. I will just be at the mercy of dark formless beings with an agenda of differing plans but with the one goal of dragging me down to Hell and keeping me out of the reach of redeeming Grace, and the sunlight and the warmth of God’s love.

I feel the warmth and brightness of something wonderful around my shoulders. I struggle to turn and face this brightness, and in doing so, turn my back on the hungry black pit which is trying to claim me for its own.
I face the light. I cannot see the source. I feel the warmth soaking into my skin.
My eyes close, but I am no longer on the edge of blackness but at an entrance to light.
Somehow I know that if I step out into this light, this warm, this inestimable brightness, that the ground will not fall away beneath my feet. I will stand on solid rock, warm arms will enfold me.
I hear a deep whisper, “ Come, my child, take the first step and I will be with you for the rest”.

I recognize the voice of God, the steady grip of His hand on mine, and know for a surety that though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil’.

God is my life, my absolution, my purpose, and my ultimate reason to ‘be’, and He walks beside me all the way.

W.B. April 2009.


“Our feelings may fluctuate but He is unchangeable.’ Paul Van Gorder.

O what a joy Lord that You are so dependable
No shadow of turning, no changing of mind
Our feelings may fluctuate but You are unchangeable
O what security in You Lord I find.

Your plans were fixed since before our creation
With our disobedience we may trail far behind
All that Your love and Your mercy would grant us
The manifold blessings and love-gifts sublime.

Lord, I would be all loving and giving
Living each day as You would have me to do
When I can’t see You I still need to show You
Someone out there needs to know Your love too.

W.B. April 2009

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Sun Is Setting.

The sun is setting fast Lord
Today will soon be spent
We are here to do Your will Lord
Wherever we are sent.

Your Will be done dear Father
The time is growing short
There’s so much need in every field
Are we doing what we ought?

Do we feed the hungry,
Do we clothe the poor
Do we spread salvation
Across every shore?

You have set us tasks Lord
We’re Your hands and feet
Just a smile can lift a heart
Till our God they meet.

So don’t fret about your problems
God knows about your needs
Just let the love of God flow through
A vessel clean and sweet.

W.B. May 2009.

Boundless Love.

What boundless love created
The sweetly perfumed flowers
The myriad moving creatures
In this great world of ours

But how much more amazing
Is Your great love for me
Such a sinful, willful creature
What mercy do I see!

O Father I am covered
By the ocean of Your love
Let the waves keep rolling over me
Let me drown within Your love.

No trials then can snatch me
And grief will drift away
I’m floating on Your sea of love
And I see heaven too that way.

W.B. May 2009.

An Ornament.

Lord, give me a meek and quiet spirit
An ornament to Your Grace
A soul that rests within its Lord
Always looking in Your face.

The things of earth just shadows
That are tools You use for me
To learn and work in obedience
Not fretting for what cannot be.

I want to be a vessel
Through which Your love is poured
The more it flows the more will come
Till Your love is spread abroad.

The world around is hungering
For the Salvation You offer, Lord
I have received and must display
The invisible Love of God.

W.B. May 2009.

Friday, April 17, 2009

I Wish.

I wish I was made up of bright blue sky
I could feel the clouds scurrying by
When it rained it would pour down inside of me
I’d be fresh and as clean as I can be.

I’d never do wrong because I’d have no brain
My brother says, “Then there’d be no change!”
Why do brothers get such joy out of taunting and teasing
They don’t notice me unless I displease them.

When I walked I’d be light, as I bounced off a cloud
I’d follow the sun so no bedtime’s allowed
No school and no homework, no boring old chores
I’d never feel tired…Oh, and I’d like to be tall.

I’m only quite small and a little too fat
I’ve always hated to look like that.
If I manage to change and be made of blue sky
Please glance through your window as I move by

I wouldn’t be stopping or keep you awake
If I catch you snoring I’ll give you a shake.
You need never miss me, I’d be always around
Have you seen the horizon? The sky touches the ground.

That will be me, so wherever you look
I won’t be knitting or reading a book
I’ll up in the sky chasing the clouds
And hear sighs of joy from the watching crowds.

W. B April 2009.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

From My Heart.

I want to pour out words of adoration
Just as they tumble from my heart
But then I also want to write the best
The most perfect work of art.

For only the best of my language
Should be used to describe You
You are my wonderful Heavenly Father
Perfect in all You say and do.

No words on earth could describe You
Your majesty and yet Your love
You are fearsome, mighty and Holy
The great Creator from above.

Dare I speak to You as to a friend
With my heart in every word?
Or is it alright when full of awe
All I can whisper is, “Oh, my Lord!’?

I’m so glad that the Holy Spirit
Speaks for me in wordless groans
That’s just how I’ve felt sometimes
As I wept before Your throne.

So God, You made me and know me
In every single part
And when I kneel to pray You don’t evaluate
My words, but You listen to my heart.

W.B. April 2009.

Sunday, March 15, 2009



Monday’s a great day. A week of new starts
Washing and housework, and the family depart
To earn their own living, or learning at school
While I have a ‘Nanny Nap’ with my feet on a stool.


Tuesday’s a great day. No washing to do
Just a little mending and ironing , that’s true.
Family out, then there’s exercise class
Keeping me fit till they put me out to grass.


Well, the week is half over, and what have I done?
Not much, by the look of things. I have to run
Shopping to do and meals to prepare
It’s pizzas tomorrow night, I’m glad to declare.


Well, I just love Thursday. The shops open late
We can skip a cooked meal and eat Pizzas (no plates)
Catalogue bargains will tempt me to browse
How much more junk can I cram in the house?


Hurrah, it is Friday. The week’s nearly over
No homework, or marking, we are all in clover.
What shall we do now the weekend is near?
Stay outdoors, enjoy nature? Oh, it’s pouring down here.


Fun day, picnics, play sports, or a run
Using up energy stored for so long
Shopping for groceries new shoes for the kids
May write up my journal or start a new list.


Sunday is God’s day, but all of the week
Should be God’s days as His will we seek
Today is our rest day and our listening time
While I learn and remember that Jesus is mine. W.B. March 2009

Friday, March 6, 2009

Child of the King.

Mom told me Jesus died for me and that He’s back in heaven
She says He’ll always hold my hand now that I’ve been forgiven
I said the sinner’s prayer you see. I know I needed that
But how can Jesus hold my hand when heaven’s where He’s at?

If You can reach me with Your hand Your arms must be so long
They could wrap around me many times then I’m safe where I belong.
It’s really so confusing, and another thing bothers me
I know I still sin sometimes, What a mess I can be!

I know how much You love me, because You died for me
And I love You Lord Jesus and one day You will see
That I’ve grown up into a man that can do anything
And when I have a family I’ll tell them of my King

I want You to promise me they’ll belong to You
am so proud to be Your child, there’s nothing I won’t do
And with Your help, Lord Jesus right by Your side I’ll stick
Dad gave me Your instruction book, The Bible, Wow it’s thick.

I’ll never read through all of it what with homework too I’m set
Mom says to read a little at a time so I’ll be a student yet.
So here I am Your new recruit, what should I do today?
I’d best get dressed and eat breakfast; it’s just another school day.

W.B. March 2009

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Three Stark Crosses.

There are three stark crosses on a lonely hill
The sun casts a shadow of grey
God’s precious Son hung on the centre one
The sun didn’t shine that day.

The sky was black when God’s only Son died
The veil of the temple was torn
From the top to the bottom, so only God
Could have ripped it down to the floor.

How could You let Your only Son die
Just for sinful ungrateful man?
What have we done to deserve such a great love
Such a sacrifice and short life span.

My God, my God,! Jesus cried out that day
Now we make the same cry too
My God please forgive me, wash my sins away
I want to be worthy of You.

Lord, I pledge You my life, my heart and my dreams
That’s all I can offer to You
Please take me and use me for I want to be
A servant who is worthy of You.

Make me a servant who is worthy of You.

W.B. March 2009.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Carer’s Comfort.

I won’t tell you tomorrow will be better
If it’s not you will feel let down
But I’ll tell you it will be different
God will move things around.

Things may be easier tomorrow
Or your faith may be stretched out
But it always will be different
Don’t whinge or cry or shout

He’s making a saint of you
And not a martyr here
He’ll give you strength for each new day
Just lean on Him, He’s near.

W.B. Feb 2009.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Wind.

Did you ask God to bless me today?
Do you know what He sent my way?
A big blustery wind with cooling air
That ruffled my clothes and my hair

Did you know that I just love the wind?
We don’t get them much up here
It’s exciting, it’s thrilling and everything good
I’m standing quite still so I’ll hear.

It’s fun to imagine what God
Could be doing to make the wind blow
I wonder if He’s standing in His living room
Having angels to fly to and fro’.

I hope the wind blows for hours
And I’m glad I don’t get in the way
It’s the very best blessing for such a long time
It really has made my day.

W.B. Feb 2009.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Can You hear if I whisper?

Can You hear if I whisper Jesus?
I don’t want my parents to know
What I tell you is just our secret
And nobody else must know.

You know that when I broke that window
And I said it wasn’t me?
I let my friend Josh take the blame.
And he didn’t tell on me.

Well, I still feel bad about it
And I know I must confess
I guess that You’re not happy and
My guilt is hard to suppress.

If I call Josh in the morning
Before we go to school
I can tell Mum and Dad at breakfast,
Then punishment. That’s cool!

So you only have to keep quiet
Till I’ve been to bed one time
Thank you for my best friend Josh
I hope the punishment fits the crime!

W.B. Feb 2009.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mary, Mother of God.

May I write about Your Mother, Lord? The blessed woman You chose to use
To give birth to the Son of God from when the world was new
She must have been so pure and free from many mortal sins
Yet only You were spotless. I can’t grasp the outs and ins

What honour hers to nurture You, Her Holy Son sublime
To cradle You within her arms. I wished that honour mine
She cherished You throughout Your life. It’s every mother’s joy
Wept with Your sorrows, laughed with Your joy. You were her little boy

And even when You were grown up and left the family home
It seemed she followed even then wherever You had roamed
I understand that mother love, I tend to do that too
I hold on to my’ little boys’ I’m loathe to lose them too

She was the perfect Mother and knew when to let go
As You were on Your Father’s business, although she loved You so..
She saw her Child reproached and scorned Your beatings she observed
She had to watch it happen, knowing it was not deserved.

God had revealed Your destiny that anguish was her own
She knelt beside that cruel cross till her own dear Son went home
How quickly did she find You when You rose again?
Yet still she could not hold You till You came to earth again.

Her waiting time is over, Mother Mary is with You
Perhaps she’s in the Heavenly choir, and she would want that too
No lullaby is called for here, just worship for God’s Son.
She needed Your salvation just as other Mom’s have done.

W.B. Jan 2009.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Love Thy Neighbour

Did I see You Lord, kneeling beside that crying child, holding them in Your arms?
You were dressed as an old lady with shabby clothes, sheltering the child from harm.
Did I see You, Lord carrying a dog that had been hit by a car?
You looked like a young boy with a tear-stained face You carried that dog so far.

I saw You, as a neighbour, comfort a young wife standing distraught and alone
Her spouse had tired of making ends meet and had left their marital home.
You see a need and then send along a saint from down the street
So many people are hurting today and we are Your hands and Your feet.

W.B. Jan 2009.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I’m Your Man Lord

Help me to say all You would say and do what You would do
I want to be just like You as You would want me to.
There’s no one I admire more and when I’m all grown up
I want to be Your image, Lord, loving, kind, but tough

Too tough to take the ‘low road’, as my Dad says to me
To make the harder choices, for Your man I want to be
I’d still be kind and gentle to those who are in need.
As I remember, but for Your Grace I could be there indeed.

So I want to thank You, Jesus for ever choosing me
To be Your child and then Your man as You would have me be
So I will grow up beside You, I know You’ll hold my hand
And keep me close and teach me to be one of Your great band

For I won’t be alone, Lord, there are many others too
As soldiers of the Mighty King Your bidding always do.
Our tasks may differ slightly but we’ll still do Your work
We’ll raise the Cross and share Your love and no hard task shirk.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Did the fragrant bogs of Ireland caress the feet of the Son of God?
As He led his new disciples along a path His feet had trod?
When His loving arms held closely those who’d never known His love
Did the warmth of Your salvation send them healing from above?

Did Christ climb on clouded hillsides and down misty country lanes?
Telling of His resurrection and the sacrifice He’d make?
What if we had never heard of the story of His Love?
Never known just how He had saved us when He left His home above

Thank you Lord that there were servants that took Your gospel to this land
That spread the news of Your Salvation and held out a loving hand.
May we all receive gladly Your Salvation full and free
Thank You for the news that Ireland knows Your love for eternity.

W.B. Nov 2008

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


The love of friends is sent by God
Who else would want it so?
So when we’re lonely grieved, or sick
For comfort we can go

Not just to God who hears our prayers
But the angels he directs
These are the friends whose constant love
Surrounds us and reflects

The love of God and His sweet care
That sooths our troubled heart
Till tomorrow we’re renewed again
And can once more do our part.

w.b. Jan 2009

Special thanks to Marja.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Carer.

Is there a path that I can walk entirely alone?
To wake each morning with the hope this day is just my own?
To feed each whim with everything that I would like to do
And just not care another’s there with needs and longings too.

No, that will never be, and I am blessed by that
For to wake and know you are alone, what blessing is in that?
We need another’s love and are honoured by that need
When we are doing God’s own work as our duties now we heed.

The time may come when we lose those that need us most
And then the days that have no claims may hover like a ghost.
Their empty places seen at every spot we look
And time once short now hangs unmoved on every empty hook.

W.B. Jan 2009

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I Can Fly.

I can fly through the sky
I can sit on a cloud
I can slide down a rainbow or two
There’s no end to adventures
I know I can have
As I’ve got the imagination to do.

God gave me a brain
And I know I can gain
Such knowledge and skill as I grow
So I’ll learn to build homes
For the homeless I know
And grow food for the hungry ones too.

For those that have needs
Will also have dreams
And I want to help them find
That God loves them as much
As He loves all the rest
Of the people for whom He died.

We none of us have
All the stuff that we’d like
But we’re warm, and we’re sheltered, and fed
So how can we turn
And walk away from the sight
Of those who don’t have a bed?

God told us to care
For all those in need
And love them as we love ourselves
So that’s what I’ll do
Till I’m grown up like you
Then continue through all of my days.

W.B. JAN 2009.