Sunday, August 23, 2009

What A God !

Do I forget when I get a problem
That my Father has dealt with many of them
Do the birds fly in a tizz because they forgot what day it is?
Or the best fat worms decided to hide?

Whatever the matter, don’t let your brains scatter
Just whisper a message to God
His angels are in line to fly to you in time
To reveal a solution from God.

You don’t need great elocution to pray for a solution
Just whisper, “Please help me, dear Lord.”
He hears what you are thinking and while you are still speaking
His rescue plan will be on the board.

It doesn’t take a commotion for God to set in motion
The way to help you cope with the mess you’re in
This battle may be with Satan who has already taken
Far more of your life than he should be in.

So tell Satan where to go and the God who loves you so
Will work things out and carry you through
Send the SOS and wait, God will never hesitate
The answers flying from Heaven just for you.



©2009 Wyn Barratt.


Marja said...

Fine words Wyn, and in line with my post about 'keeping it simple'.
Yes, God loves us and cares for us, shouldn' that be enough!?
He knows everything, even before we bring it up to Him!

wyn said...

How true, Marja.