Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Now We’re Alone.

Now we’re alone we can share secrets
Now we’re alone confide in me
You are my Lord, I’m here to worship
Please touch my soul, Lord please bless me.

Now we’re alone I lay my burdens
Down at Your feet and then I am free
Free to obey without restrictions
You took my burdens and gave peace to me

Alone with You, then I can ponder
All of the things that came to be
So many blessings Lord I wonder
Why You should be so good to me.

All silence now we are in union
My sins confessed, Your mercy heals
Your touch again has come to strengthen
When we are alone Your love is revealed.

Never alone without Your presence
Always at home when You are near to me
Safe in Your arms I joy in the future
Never alone for You are with me.

©2009 Wyn Barratt.


Marja said...

Intimacy with God.... isn't that a great miracle Wyn?!

wyn said...

It is indeed, Marja.
I love that I can 'tell it like it is' with Him!