Monday, April 28, 2014

Who Then Is This? Mk.4.41

Who then, is this that the winds will obey Him?
Who then is He Who controls our world?
He is the Christ, our Lord and Creator
Can we not trust Him as through space we hurl?

Who is He who gave up His Glory?
Why, indeed would He do such a thing?
Driven by Love let our God tell the story
Nailed by sinners to a cross was our King.

He did it for you, dear friend, let me tell you
You were on his heart as He hung on that tree
Do not pass by and dismiss all His anguish
Hell’s gates are open, but let Christ set you free.

Over His body and through His blood’s curtain
Lies the salvation that would set you free
Hope and a future, of that you are certain
Your battles were won by Christ on the tree.

W.B. April ‘14

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Do You Talk To The Clouds

Do you talk to the clouds or even the sky?
Do you seek for a glimpse of our dear Saviour’s eyes?
Do you sense Him behind every single dark cloud?
Do you pray looking upward, do you pray aloud?

Then do you remember you are not alone
For His Spirit is in you , not just in His Home?
He listens for even your tiniest prayer
He is closer than breathing; He is always right there.

You have a Companion and a lifelong friend
He’ll be with you today until your life shall end
He weeps in your sorrow He laughs when you smile
His arms are around you for each lonely mile.

Then let your love flow til it mingles with His
Life’s not always easy but His loving is bliss
He never will leave you, His promise is true
His love is for ever and He surely loves you.

W.B. April ‘14

Friday, April 25, 2014


Lord as I gaze into the clouds
I whisper Your name then pray out loud.
Strange isn’t it that I should look
So far away, yet in Your Book
You tell me that You’re ever near
And in my heart? Why do I fear
That You are busy with other souls
The good , the righteous , and the bold?

While I an ancient child of God
Tired and slow each step I’ve trod
Regret for every time I’ve failed
And I the one Your hands have nailed.
What is my future, where is my hope?
Dear Saviour lift me, help me cope
I‘ll take each promise that You made
Knowing that not one has failed

Then when I’m called before the throne
You’ll show me perfect for my new home
The blood that ever covered me
The blood that flowed from Calvary’s tree
Has washed away my every stain
Your sacrifice has been my gain
My future with my Lord I see
My hope is for eternity.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

When I Remember.

How can I tell my every thought
When I remember how I was bought?
The sacrifice of God’s own Son
The victory His death has won
The gift of an eternal life
The cleansing by His blood, a knife
That cleaves the sin inside my heart
Not just some but in every part.

The hope His loving brings to me
My future I thankfully don’t see
I cling to Him, He knows the way
In cloud or sunshine, night or day
Treasures of darkness He will disclose
Loving surprises He only knows
Power from His storehouse when I cry
Peace in my heart knowing He is nigh.

W.B. April ‘14

Saturday, April 19, 2014

He Is Faithful.

Do we fuss and worry when troubles reach our door
Yet we’re exactly where our Lord wants us to be
Do we say ‘Lord please lead me’, then cry ‘Oh, not this way’!
When He says 'Trust Me dear child, for I can see.'

He is faithful in the darkness, faithful in the light
He planned our life with Him before the world began
Where there’s no rhyme or reason, trust Him to put things right
Our battle won upon the cross, our victory God’s plan.

He said He’ll never leave us and we know His Word is true
He is faithful and always His arms are open wide
He offers power and a listening ear both to me and you
When we’re overwhelmed we know where we can hide.

Our Lord is faithful, and we have proved that many times
Looking back we’ll see the path where He has led
So let us be faithful and take His hands again
Those precious hands that showed where Jesus bled.

W.B. April ‘14

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Could I REALLY Meet You, Lord?

Could I meet You, REALLY meet You in my dreams, my Lord?
How I envy those that tell me that they saw their Lord
I don’t want to be asleep, and any place we meet
Undisturbed by outwards things I’d kneel at your feet.

Lord, I love You, and long to be ,close, so close to You
Your eyes would penetrate my soul, an open book to You
I can’t wait till I’m up in Heaven, this is an urgent need
Lord I need You, need to see You, and yes, Your touch I need.

I’m already wrapped in Mercy and Your Peace I feel
But I want more, dear Lord and Saviour and that is why I kneel
I need filling with Your Spirit; let it overflow
Keep it coming, flowing, running, then my Lord I’ll know.

W.B. April ‘14

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Darkness and Silence

When there is darkness all around and silence holds its breath
Then should I kneel and wait on You or plead for early death?
This is a test of all my faith; I look up but cannot see
For darkness penetrates my heart, what use am I to Thee?

Yes, Lord, I know that You are there and close beside me still
I realise You are trusting me to know this is Your will
I’ve walked by sight and not by faith so sure that I was strong
Your Word meant everything to me. I knew that I belonged.

Then when my loved ones fade away I saw I was alone.
My network of support had gone the day I moved from home
I stood alone, no new friends made and no one needed me
My strength was fading as I aged, soon useless I would be.

Well meaning folk said, “Well, do this’ or, ‘Why don’t you do that?’
‘Go walking, that will strengthen you.’ Or, ‘Well then, get a cat!’
But where’s Your will in all of this? What use am I these days?
I drag my weary body round, my brain is quickly fazed.

So silence is at home with dark and while they wrap me round
I am unseen, an aging being, but still I’m Heavenward bound
And somewhere when the time is right Your light will shine again
Then stepping forward arms upraised I’ll receive Your Holy rain.

W.B April ‘14