Thursday, April 3, 2014

Darkness and Silence

When there is darkness all around and silence holds its breath
Then should I kneel and wait on You or plead for early death?
This is a test of all my faith; I look up but cannot see
For darkness penetrates my heart, what use am I to Thee?

Yes, Lord, I know that You are there and close beside me still
I realise You are trusting me to know this is Your will
I’ve walked by sight and not by faith so sure that I was strong
Your Word meant everything to me. I knew that I belonged.

Then when my loved ones fade away I saw I was alone.
My network of support had gone the day I moved from home
I stood alone, no new friends made and no one needed me
My strength was fading as I aged, soon useless I would be.

Well meaning folk said, “Well, do this’ or, ‘Why don’t you do that?’
‘Go walking, that will strengthen you.’ Or, ‘Well then, get a cat!’
But where’s Your will in all of this? What use am I these days?
I drag my weary body round, my brain is quickly fazed.

So silence is at home with dark and while they wrap me round
I am unseen, an aging being, but still I’m Heavenward bound
And somewhere when the time is right Your light will shine again
Then stepping forward arms upraised I’ll receive Your Holy rain.

W.B April ‘14

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