Saturday, April 12, 2014

Could I REALLY Meet You, Lord?

Could I meet You, REALLY meet You in my dreams, my Lord?
How I envy those that tell me that they saw their Lord
I don’t want to be asleep, and any place we meet
Undisturbed by outwards things I’d kneel at your feet.

Lord, I love You, and long to be ,close, so close to You
Your eyes would penetrate my soul, an open book to You
I can’t wait till I’m up in Heaven, this is an urgent need
Lord I need You, need to see You, and yes, Your touch I need.

I’m already wrapped in Mercy and Your Peace I feel
But I want more, dear Lord and Saviour and that is why I kneel
I need filling with Your Spirit; let it overflow
Keep it coming, flowing, running, then my Lord I’ll know.

W.B. April ‘14

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