Friday, April 25, 2014


Lord as I gaze into the clouds
I whisper Your name then pray out loud.
Strange isn’t it that I should look
So far away, yet in Your Book
You tell me that You’re ever near
And in my heart? Why do I fear
That You are busy with other souls
The good , the righteous , and the bold?

While I an ancient child of God
Tired and slow each step I’ve trod
Regret for every time I’ve failed
And I the one Your hands have nailed.
What is my future, where is my hope?
Dear Saviour lift me, help me cope
I‘ll take each promise that You made
Knowing that not one has failed

Then when I’m called before the throne
You’ll show me perfect for my new home
The blood that ever covered me
The blood that flowed from Calvary’s tree
Has washed away my every stain
Your sacrifice has been my gain
My future with my Lord I see
My hope is for eternity.

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