Saturday, April 19, 2014

He Is Faithful.

Do we fuss and worry when troubles reach our door
Yet we’re exactly where our Lord wants us to be
Do we say ‘Lord please lead me’, then cry ‘Oh, not this way’!
When He says 'Trust Me dear child, for I can see.'

He is faithful in the darkness, faithful in the light
He planned our life with Him before the world began
Where there’s no rhyme or reason, trust Him to put things right
Our battle won upon the cross, our victory God’s plan.

He said He’ll never leave us and we know His Word is true
He is faithful and always His arms are open wide
He offers power and a listening ear both to me and you
When we’re overwhelmed we know where we can hide.

Our Lord is faithful, and we have proved that many times
Looking back we’ll see the path where He has led
So let us be faithful and take His hands again
Those precious hands that showed where Jesus bled.

W.B. April ‘14

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