Sunday, April 27, 2014

Do You Talk To The Clouds

Do you talk to the clouds or even the sky?
Do you seek for a glimpse of our dear Saviour’s eyes?
Do you sense Him behind every single dark cloud?
Do you pray looking upward, do you pray aloud?

Then do you remember you are not alone
For His Spirit is in you , not just in His Home?
He listens for even your tiniest prayer
He is closer than breathing; He is always right there.

You have a Companion and a lifelong friend
He’ll be with you today until your life shall end
He weeps in your sorrow He laughs when you smile
His arms are around you for each lonely mile.

Then let your love flow til it mingles with His
Life’s not always easy but His loving is bliss
He never will leave you, His promise is true
His love is for ever and He surely loves you.

W.B. April ‘14

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