Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fresh As The Morning

Legs not working, throat is hoarse?
Keep on moving through this course
Now the final testing days
Your new twilight is a maze.
Christ your Lord waits at the end
His design on every bend
Your mansion’s ready; doors ajar
Loving friends come from afar.
Helping hands to move you in
Your paradise neat as a pin
Hand made gifts to bless your heart
From those who first held Heavens art.
Your home of homes, your loved ones near
Can you recall when you shed a tear?
Joy forever; love not lost
Fresh as the morning and the Life that it cost.
W.B Sept ‘14

Thursday, September 25, 2014

How Many Days?

How many days ? What are Your plans?
What is my future, Lord?
I stand here dazed against a wall
Who moves? You, or I, my Lord?

Were these my plans that You allowed?
Who is in charge of me?
I will stand still, hope for Your will
Afraid now I cannot see.

 Have I stepped out of Your dear will?
Where should You now find me?
Silent and still, mistakes not my will
Where would You have me be?

Oh sweep me up, into Your arms
Show me Your fierce control
Any way of mine Lord I’ll decline
I am no longer bold

 I want to rest under Your wings
Your way not mine I’ll choose.
Here on my knees that’s where I should be
I see again I’ll lose

Bounding and clutching and still I am rushing
What do I, who do I choose?
Looking to see if You’re pointing the way
Or if You’re in the room?

 I want to surrender I’m stuck on a bend here
Did I not follow Your will?
Doors seemed to open I thought I was coping
But I am alone here still.

Still, that’s the word here, nothing I need fear
Eyes locked on the back of Your heels
Not walking ahead into things that I dread
Your Peace will strengthen and heal.


W.B Sept ‘14

You Never Left The Building.

Lord, You never left the building during times of strain and strife
I could not see You, touch You, sense You; how I needed You, my Life!
When entering strange waters and clouds blotted out the sun
Then shadows of my Saviour touched me helping me to run
With the comfort of my friendships wrapt in love I could not hide
They held me up into the sunlight, forcing clouds to move aside.

I passed the shadows into love’s light; worlds unknown became a home
Prowling through unfamiliar settings realising I could no more roam.
Somewhere amongst the bustling strangers I caught a glimpse I thought I knew
Was that a soul who knew my Jesus? Or someone seeking that He could know?
Time to seek a place for meetings; time to seek a place for Prayer
God’s waiting room no place for sleeping, hungry souls are everywhere.

W.B Sept ‘14

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Be My Mouth Dear Saviour

Oh be my mouth dear Saviour
And fill my heart dear Lord
Then shield me with Your favour
For all of me is Yours.
The sun will rise for ever
While birds sing out Your praise
Yours is no lone endeavour
And all the earth will praise.

Yourself You bought our freedom
Your all has paid the price
If I alone Lord need You
No better is advice.
IF the sun could never shine again
If clouds could never weep
If my heart could never bleed for You
What vigil could I keep?

Somewhere in all this troubled world
A soul’s allotted to die
Dear God please call them Home to You
Their penance their last sigh
I see the crown of thorns You bore
And add my love to Yours
A whispered prayer no last recourse
Renew me with Your Mind.

W..B Sept ‘14

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

This Looks Like Goodbye

You still haven’t said but this looks like goodbye
It’s a day I ‘d really expected
Yet thought I‘d be troubled with guilt and regret
When sickness had stirred the unexpected.

Too quickly the tears flow with every track that I play
And pain long passed and part healed now
Rip open my flesh like a hungering beast
Determined to savour death somehow.

My time on the coast where once I could boast
Has ended with no bang, just a whimper
Sleep that won’t bless; rest without rest
Each sound now a groan, not a whisper.

The mists of the past surround me at last
While medics just give up the struggle
Replacement? Refreshment? Renewal?How cruel!
Let her go she’s no use; break the huddle.

Don’t look back on our dreams they weren’t the treasures they seemed
Mere fantasies driven by depression
Reality? Ignore it! I always deplored it!
Regret that tells lies. It wasn’t worth it.!

W.B. Sept.