Thursday, September 25, 2014

How Many Days?

How many days ? What are Your plans?
What is my future, Lord?
I stand here dazed against a wall
Who moves? You, or I, my Lord?

Were these my plans that You allowed?
Who is in charge of me?
I will stand still, hope for Your will
Afraid now I cannot see.

 Have I stepped out of Your dear will?
Where should You now find me?
Silent and still, mistakes not my will
Where would You have me be?

Oh sweep me up, into Your arms
Show me Your fierce control
Any way of mine Lord I’ll decline
I am no longer bold

 I want to rest under Your wings
Your way not mine I’ll choose.
Here on my knees that’s where I should be
I see again I’ll lose

Bounding and clutching and still I am rushing
What do I, who do I choose?
Looking to see if You’re pointing the way
Or if You’re in the room?

 I want to surrender I’m stuck on a bend here
Did I not follow Your will?
Doors seemed to open I thought I was coping
But I am alone here still.

Still, that’s the word here, nothing I need fear
Eyes locked on the back of Your heels
Not walking ahead into things that I dread
Your Peace will strengthen and heal.


W.B Sept ‘14


Elizabeth said...

My heart is breaking for you my sweet dear friend! I love you!

Wyn Barratt said...

How I regret my tendency to wander!!

RitaSue Hanks said...

Wyn, God is bigger than any of our misses and messes. He loves to make miracles out of them. I've had lots of experience at watching him fix my wanderings. Blood mercies keep chasing us down and overtaking us!

Wyn Barratt said...

Thank you Rita,
However old I get I still have much to learn.