Thursday, September 11, 2014

Be My Mouth Dear Saviour

Oh be my mouth dear Saviour
And fill my heart dear Lord
Then shield me with Your favour
For all of me is Yours.
The sun will rise for ever
While birds sing out Your praise
Yours is no lone endeavour
And all the earth will praise.

Yourself You bought our freedom
Your all has paid the price
If I alone Lord need You
No better is advice.
IF the sun could never shine again
If clouds could never weep
If my heart could never bleed for You
What vigil could I keep?

Somewhere in all this troubled world
A soul’s allotted to die
Dear God please call them Home to You
Their penance their last sigh
I see the crown of thorns You bore
And add my love to Yours
A whispered prayer no last recourse
Renew me with Your Mind.

W..B Sept ‘14

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