Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Jesus.

Happy Birthday Jesus,
How old are You today?
Mother says it’s rude to ask,
But I’m asking anyway.

My sister says You’re 2008
She thinks she’s very smart,
But Dad says You’re much older
Because You made the world at the start.

I’d love to see what you look like
Seeing You are so old
My Gran has wrinkles everywhere
And she is not that old.

It’s great You made the world, Jesus
I like to make things too.
One day when I have finished school
I’ll build a house for You.

Mum says You built a home for us
Way up there in the sky,
But I prefer to stay down here
Unless You can make me fly.

Then I could fly down here to earth
I’d miss my friends you see,
My dogs, and bird, and Guinea pigs
Would You like to come with me?

Since you made all my animals
And many more beside
I’m sure You’d like to visit them
I’ll show You where they hide.

I built them little houses,
But the one I build for You
Would be tall and grand and very large
I’m sure You’d love it too.

So You see I have things all worked out,
We’d both fly up and down.
I’d visit You, You’d visit me
Like best friends ‘do the rounds’.

W.B. Nov 2008.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Where is the sun when it’s cloudy?
Where is the blue sky then?
Can we believe that the sun is still there
And the blue sky is still there as well?

We have faith to believe they are there
Because we have seen them before
So it’s not really faith, it is knowledge
And the facts are just hidden once more.

But faith is for things we have not seen
When no proof was presented to us
We believed what God said as we trust Him
For God doesn’t lie to us.

Now faith must develop with friendships
That start up with folk we don’t know
We hold out our hand and start trusting
If we trust we will never let go.

So don’t ever doubt those who love you
God will always guide them aright
Lay your troubles right down at the altar
Let your friendship and love be their light.

w.b. Nov 2008

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Please don’t kill me!!

Who did You make today Lord?
Into whom did You breathe new life?
Was it a doctor, a nurse or a priest,
A pilot, or singer, or wife?

Each child had a hope and a future to come
Did You plan it as the world was formed.?
What happens if they aren’t allowed to live
And aborted as they are born?

Is the sigh of a breeze between the trees
A whisper of babies breath?
Or the moan of the wind high in the sky
Angels grieving at more death yet?

God gave us the knowledge to make a life
Have we the care to bestow?
Will we nurture and cherish each child we have
As they’re future we come to know?

You may be the mother of a famous man
Or a Godly holy priest
You are a part of God’s great plan
A mother, a leader, at least.

Lord You are coming.

Lord, You are coming again
Maybe today
I want to be ready Lord
Now and always

There are so many things Lord
That I now regret
Harsh words said in anger
Can’t be unsaid.

So now I press forward
To a new day
Please cleanse me and change me
So all that I say

Will bless and encourage
The ones that I meet
And I’ll walk beside You
And find others to greet.

I want to be ready Lord,
Ready today
Tomorrow won’t come Lord,
Please come back today..

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

One Set of Footprints.

There’s only one set of footprints
As I look back down the road
It doesn’t mean, although it seems
That I’ve walked the road alone.

You’ve been carrying me just lately
As my burdens weighed me down
My pain and loss and trials
Were meant to strengthen me, not drown!

So I laid them at Your feet Lord
And You just picked me up
And carried me in Your arms Lord,
Until I could stand up.

My cup is overflowing
With love and blessings too.
No time to cry or heave a sigh
There’s joy to be found in You.

WB.. Nov 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008

Jeremiah 15:16 .. Your words sustain me. They bring me great joy and are my heart’s delight

Is there somewhere we could go Lord
I could be alone with You?
Without any interruptions
Or calling,” Would you do……………….?”

I need quiet in my spirit, Lord
And time to meditate
To just be still and silent.
And hear You whispering ‘wait’.

‘I’m aware of all your yearnings, child
I heard your unspoken pleas
I’m deep within your hungry soul
My love will fill your needs.

Just lean on Me my dear one
And I will be your strength
We’ll talk to one another
And it could be at length.’

We two have till eternity
And so, for evermore
We shall relate, just while we wait
Till you reach My door.'

W.B. Nov 2008.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Green Pastures.

I’d like to stay here
In this field of glistening green
With a few little weeds.
Just a few harmless weeds?

Not a chance! As I glance
At their harmless heads
Their roots are spreading under the ground freely
Their heads are spreading seeds over the ground.

While I’m watching.
The breeze is spreading the seeds all around.
They must be found
Destroyed, burned

Roots under the ground must be pulled out
Put in the fire, the consuming fire, not the purifying fire.
Those weeds destroy our souls
Our hopes of a harvest of one hundred-fold

We must never rest till every seed of evil,
The spawn of Satan
Is searched, seen and destroyed in the light of God’s Word.
Only then can we lie down in green pastures

While God restores our souls.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Sky's The Limit.

The sky’s the limit
Isn’t it?
That’s what they say

The limit to what ?
All that we’ve got?
To where we will go?
I want to know!

How high is the sky?
Do you know?
How long will it take
Me to go?

Who will I meet
Whom shall I greet?
Who will I know?
Yes, I’ll go.

Will God be there?
Do you know?
My mother, and Uncle Joe?
Then I’ll go.

W.B. Nov 2nd 08

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Lord, I Am Here.

Lord, I am here,
Kneeling before You
Crushed by sorrow and pain
Teach me to comfort those who weep.

Lord, I am here
Kneeling before You
Lonely and desperate again
Teach me to befriend some lonely soul.

Lord, You are here
Standing beside me
Loving and guiding always
Teach me to stand beside those with needs.

Lord, You are here
Kneeling beside me
Your arms holding me near
Teach me to hold those You hold dear.

Lord, You are here
Watching my actions
If some should seek You in me
Teach me never to deny You by the things that I do.

W.B. Oct 2008.

Will You Listen?

Will you listen if I tell you of a God who is love?
Would you believe it if I proved it was true?
What if I showed you that love of God
By the very things that I do?

My words are just empty clanging sounds
It’s actions that prove words are true
How do you know what you read in God’s word
If the lives of His saints don’t show you?

We are the proof of a God who is love
When we love like our God to the end
If we say’ Yes, I love you’ and then turn our back
What message of love do we send?

We are His eyes that see the need
His hands that reach out and hold
His arms that gather and protect
His feet that pace the fold.

What do men see if they can’t see God?
Our words no message will send.
We are proof of a God who is love
When we show love like God’s to the end.

W.B. Oct 2008