Monday, November 17, 2008


Where is the sun when it’s cloudy?
Where is the blue sky then?
Can we believe that the sun is still there
And the blue sky is still there as well?

We have faith to believe they are there
Because we have seen them before
So it’s not really faith, it is knowledge
And the facts are just hidden once more.

But faith is for things we have not seen
When no proof was presented to us
We believed what God said as we trust Him
For God doesn’t lie to us.

Now faith must develop with friendships
That start up with folk we don’t know
We hold out our hand and start trusting
If we trust we will never let go.

So don’t ever doubt those who love you
God will always guide them aright
Lay your troubles right down at the altar
Let your friendship and love be their light.

w.b. Nov 2008

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