Saturday, March 28, 2015

There Was No Other Way

There was no other way, that’s why Christ did it
No compromise, half death, known unto man
The whole of Christ’s body, his Spirit, His Holiness
Was destined to die for the sins of man.

Do we keep sinning in spite of Salvation?
Do we make excuses for humanities fall?
Watch for the sky to open by His hand
How much longer will He wait to see our remorse?

Our second chances belittle His sacrifice
Pathetic excuses for each time we fail
Lord, strengthen our spirits for we are your warriors
You won the battle and You’ll never fail.

W.B Easter ‘15

Monday, March 23, 2015

SLEEP in the arms of God

SLEEP in the arms of God
Could we then , ask for more?
Each day is one step nearer Heaven.
See the lights on Glory’s shore?

WORK from the arms of God
There’s safety all around
He puts us there, or there or here
And we are on holy ground.

REST in the arms of God
Jesus beside us still
No need to fret or wonder ‘if’
We’re in the centre of God’s will.

Don’t ever say “No, Lord!”
If He sets an awesome task
For God is mighty, safe, and sure
With power for all He asks.

Let God work change in YOU
While He remains the same
Your hope and future in His hands
Then Heaven and earth will gain.

W.B. 2015.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

I Couldn't Look in Your Eyes.

I couldn’t look in Your eyes each time that I spurned You
And I knew that each time a bit of me died
I was fiercely resistant though only a child then
Yet I loved that You’d called me and called me Your child.

I was just ten years old when I glimpsed in my future
And knew without You I had nowhere to hide
For Your pain grips me sometimes even now I am older
And my tears are still burning though I can look in Your eyes.

A world of regret won’t wash away my sorrow
For years I have wasted and sorrow I’ve caused
But Lord You are faithful, unchanging, still loving
God, my Eternal my dear Loving Lord.

W.B March’15

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I Love To Know

I love to know that You are near me
In this silent room
Are You without? Within? Do You hear me?
Have You enough room?

Do I command my life without You
And not surrender all?
May my days be filled with music
Now I can’t sing at all?

The music in my head is winning
Memories still strong
Repeating love from the beginning
Now I know where I belong.

Take me, use me, let me live
With all this wasting love
Longing still for Your returning
I watch the skies above.

W.B Mar ‘15