Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cause of Death?

Cause of death unknown, I read
Funeral to be held in bed
No need for fancy coffin here
Just say your peace the Minister’s near.

“She had a very happy life
She was a good and busy wife
Her children raised and educated
She said she would like to be cremated”.

To save expense was her idea
To cremate her body right in here
The fire we start will have to burn
So hot she cannot then return

The fire brigade must not be called
Until the fire has taken hold
Her earthly goods must be destroyed
If we fight over them she’ll be annoyed.

I don’t know what will happen next
Her funeral service she has text
A little sermon she added too
I really knew that’s what she’d do.

She always wanted the last word
But since it’s in text nobody heard
I know she's happy and carefree now
A campervan in Heaven? They’d never allow!

Wyn Barratt. Dec 2010.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


What am I listening for, why am I searching?
Looking for distraction without any purpose
I don’t want to think or make up a goal
Yet here is no meaning to my life as a whole.

I don’t want to stay here, I don’t want to go
I can’t imagine why I feel this thing so
Is it a grief or depression I am in?
From my understanding I am living in sin.

I should not feel hurt when I’m snubbed or I’m shunned
Perhaps in a Convent I might make a good Nun
My skin is too thin and my brain is too thick
What is my future when I’m as thick as a brick?

Tired of repeated..’You should’…and..’You should’
Well I just don’t want to even if I could
I’m tired of people saying ‘Your negative talk
Will bring into being bad things in your walk.

So I wish I could crawl right under a rock
While you folk analyse me and talk a lot of rot
I know all my bad points outweigh all the good
But that means I am human and ‘you should…’you should’….

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

No, Don't Walk Away

No, don’t walk away
Do you see Me standing here?
Waiting to hold you close
And calm every fear.

No, don’t walk away
I never would leave you
Each step that you take.
I would be there too.

No, don’t walk away
Don’t you want me to help you?
You cannot hide from Me
I can always see you.

So please turn around
A wrong path you are taking
I don’t want you to fall, so
Come! I am still waiting.

Wyn Barratt.
Dec 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


If for sixty years you do all for love
And that great love should go
With what then do I fill my life?
What should I do; where go?

Well-meaning folk line up to say
‘You should’ ‘you should…’’ You should…’
I won’t become an old man’s slave
Though I could…I could…I could…

I want to be downright selfish
And do things just for me
I enjoy my own company
Though it’s lonely, I agree.

So I’ll just sit here and ponder
In the kitchen of my home
And realise with gratitude
I do not need to roam.

I could sit here with my duster
And keep the cobwebs at bay
As the spiders have moved in you see
When they thought I’d gone away.

So now it’s either them or me
Who can enjoy this home
So I’ll make their lives a misery
And hope that they will roam.

While I sit here with my free time
And duster unfurled
I’ll get those rotten spiders for
Invading my world.

Wyn Barratt.

Dec 2010.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A boy looks into the life of a youthful Jesus.

I can sit up in bed and talk with You
I can stay up all night if You want me to
It’s so quiet now we won’t be disturbed
And we can both whisper so as not to be heard.

Will You tell me about life when You were a boy
Were You always good? Did You have any toys?
I wonder if You ever played in the dirt?
Or if Your Mother was worried that You might get hurt.

I wish I had seen You as a baby , Lord
And as a boy Who sometimes got bored
Did You cut yourself with Joseph’s tools
When You were learning the carpenter’s rules?

You were the eldest with younger kin
Were You in charge when Your parents weren’t in?
Did Your young brothers squabble and fight?
Did You have sisters and have to kiss them goodnight?

Were all Your lessons taken at school
Within the Temple where the scribes had to rule?
I have so many questions that I want to ask
Was Your life like mine with many small tasks?

When will I know and when will I hear
All about You that I hold so dear?
I don’t want to wait till I get up to heaven
Please tell me now, the clock says it’s seven!

Wyn Barratt.
Nov 2010.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

If I Didn’t Know.

If I didn’t know You loved me
If I didn’t know You cared
I would sit out on the porch here
And wish I were a bird.

I know Your eye is on the Sparrow
They are small and homely things
You care for all creation
And not just those with wings.

But I wish I were a bird Lord
To take off to the sky
I’d fly up nearer heaven
So You could keep an eye

On everything I’m doing
And help me in good time
When things are going well, Lord
Or I’m neck deep in some slime.

For I get into trouble
Much more than little birds
I’d like Your urgent rescue
Before I’m even hurt.

You hear my desperate whisper
“O God, please help me now”
And You will send the answer
And it’s just in time somehow.

For You are kind and patient
And I’m not perfect yet
But I will still keep trying
From morn till sun is set.

Wyn Barratt.
Nov 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Another Love Letter To The Master.

I Want To Know You

I want to know You, and see Your face
I have known Your love, Lord throughout this long race
I know You are faithful, kind and true
How can I ever stop loving You.

I want to know You, as I look in Your eyes
You always are caring, yet You love to surprise
Some days are long Lord, and healing won’t come
But don’t change Your plans, Lord, I want this race run.

Not my will, Father, but only thine
My asking for changes is wasting our time
Work to be done and lost souls to win
Telling them You died, Lord, to free them from sin.

All You have done Lord, at Calvary
You thought it was worth it to save even me
I just want to know You and to stay by Your side
Bonded in love with nothing to hide.

I hid from You, Lord for many a day
But others prayed I’d surrender some way
Now I am Yours You know I won’t hide
Walking together in love and great pride.

Wyn Barratt
Nov 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why Don’t I Mind My Own Business?

Why don’t I mind my own business?
I keep overstepping the mark
There is such a fine line between caring
And touching that ‘Privacy’ mark

I just want to end people’s troubles
And make their life better, you see
But I hit a brick wall or cold shoulder
Or the ‘Privacy’ wall just hits me.

I’ve always been a fighter for justice
And would take on a war (two or three)
No matter the odds, shake the peas out of pods
If I’m raging don’t try to stop me.

I have all the best of intentions
And I have too much love to spare
Those I want to protect or fight for
They really don’t even care.

So I’ll keep to my side of the fence line
And a little aloof from now on
Unless I am asked to perform a task
I’ll mind my own business from now on.

Wyn Barratt
Nov 2010

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I’ll Seek Your Face.

Seeking Your Face, Lord, I’m seeking Your face
Tired of falling down in this race
I look around at all my mistakes
Grateful for mercy that Your love will erase

You lift me up Lord, into Your arms
Cleanse me and keep me safe from all harm
The road is narrow, but my faith will be strong
As long as I seek you, the road won’t be long.

Just day by day, Lord, I’ll seek Your Face
You are my Master, and You’ve been in my place
All of my trials have been felt by You
As You have walked down the same pathway too.

Never alone, Lord, I’m never alone
Your Spirit abides in me as Your home
If I am a temple fit for my King
I need to be pure, Lord, as Your praises I sing.

I’ll seek Your Face, Lord there’ll be never a day
When I don’t kneel at Your footstool to pray
Always abiding close to Your side
When You are guiding, no tears to hide.

Wyn Barratt.
Nov 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010


Can I catch my wandering thoughts
As I gaze into the sky
Looking for a little glimpse
Of an angel passing by?

How far away is Heaven?
How busy are they there?
Does my Mother know I’m looking up
And know how much I care?

Will she come back when You do Lord
When You fly down from the sky?
Will she look like she always did
With her smile and teary eyes?

She was not young, though pretty
And You took away her pain
I never wanted her to die
But she had much more to gain.

I want her to be proud of me
So one day, will she know
That You are now my Saviour
And I do love You so?

Wyn Barratt
Oct 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Use By Date.

We will never reach our ‘use by’ date
In the service of our Lord
But one day He will call us Home
To our last and great reward.

I don’t think when that day does come
I’ll say, “Not yet, not yet”!
For I am ready now dear Lord
Though family may fret.

Is this how prisoners feel the day
Its gates are opened wide
They now can have a brand new start
Though many run and hide.

I’m free to roam most anywhere
Since no-one needs me now
But where is ‘anywhere’, my Lord?
My hands still need a plough.

A purpose and a goal I need
But You must set the pace
I tend to rush round here, then there,
Till I tire of the race.

I know a goal that I could set
And You will help me Lord
I want to know You more and more
And love You as I ought.

Wyn Barratt Oct 2010.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Lord Is The One Who Holds His Hand. Ps 37.24

The Lord is the One Who holds your hand
You could be the happiest in the land
Every tomorrow is a fresh new page
That God has granted you despite your age.

Praise Him as soon as you open your eyes
He never disappoints and He loves to surprise
Treasure His Words in the depths of your soul
They will heal and guide you and keep your spirit whole.

Wait on God, His timing will be right
Walk close to Him Don’t let Him out of sight
Delight in Him as He delights in you
Trust in the Father as He leads you through.

Wyn Barratt.
Oct 2010.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

At A Loose End.

What shall I do today, Father?
Is there some need I can fill?
I begin to feel useless, dear Master
Shall I just sit quiet and still?

Will Your Holy Spirit whisper
What You think I should do?
The hours spent at home drag on longer
Since I haven’t some work I can do.

Everyone one that I know has been prayed for
And I’ve sent them my love from my heart
I cannot supply people’s needs Lord
Worldly wealth and I seemed to part.

So give me a task, loving Saviour
Time is all I can give
And that’s running short as well, Lord
Then my love is all I’m left with.

Wyn Barratt. Sept 2010.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Tired Of The City.

I’m tired of the city I’d like to retire
To a shack in the back of beyond
Nothing too fancy as long as I have
A toilet that flushes along.

You say I'd be lonely? That would be, if only
I had no dog or a cat
A dog to guard me and a cat to keep me
From seeing a tramp or a rat.

A lamp would light my way round about
But I’d go to bed with the birds
Their chatter and clamour would make my head hammer
When dawn filtered in through the dirt.

The dirt on the windows is what I refer to
For in a shack in the back of beyond
No one would see that I couldn’t see
From my shack in the back of beyond.

What kind of future without a computer?
I haven’t yet made up my mind.
I’d talk to myself and work like a trooper
To prop up the shack that I find.

I don’t think you’ll miss me or rush in to kiss me
I’ll dress like a tramp. Do you mind?
No power or heating gives washing a beating
And I’m certainly not going to mind!!

©2010 Aug. Somebody….sniff….

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Keep A Quiet Heart.

Keep a quiet heart
God’s ways are not our own
Yield now to him, He is within
Your life is now His throne.

Then keep a quiet heart
Your trials are His school
The lessons learned preparing you
For use as His own tool.

Within a quiet heart
God can direct your ways
Rest in this scene, whate’er He deems
Will glorify His name.

Don’t seek to change your path
However hard it is
A stitch or two, not broken thread
Completes the plan of His.

©2010 Aug. Wyn Barratt.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Big Compelling Of God.

‘The work we do is of no account. It is so much scaffolding compared to the big compelling of God.’ Oswald Chambers.

Carry me off in Your compelling
I’m of no use unless You do
Seeing myself without Your indwelling
Is such a failure of use to You?

Carry me off until I hear You
Hearing Your breath against my heart
Waiting, and listening, learning to fear You
Your own compelling has set me apart.

Carry me off in Your compelling
Wherever, whatever You want me to do
Yours is the plan and when the Spirit’s indwelling
You, Lord, will mold me and carry me through.

I give up the struggle of, ‘shall I? or shan’t I’?
You’ve chosen me and You know what to do
I do not need to see where You are aiming
You have compelled me, I’m going with You.

©2010 Aug. Wyn Barratt.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Love Letter To My Master.

I’ll love You till the end of time and then for ever more
I cannot tell You what it means to know Your love’s secure
You’ve always loved me, always known, that I would come to be
And I have never known such love. You mean the world to me.

My God, You wait up there in Heaven and pour such blessings down
My precious Saviour, Jesus Christ regained His heavenly crown
You sent Your Holy Spirit down to comfort and to guide
And I will never be alone for He is at my side.

While I am waiting on this earth for You to call me home
Please give me now some work to do, for I am still Your own
I want to show my faithfulness and my adoring love
There is such sorrow in this world, such love in Heaven above.

So take me, use me, guide me, Lord, I want to do Your will
My life poured from a vessel that You can work on still
I’ll be Your loyal servant, Lord, a daughter and a friend
If I follow Your commandments until my life shall end.

©2010.. July W. Barratt.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Your Majesty.

What will You look like when I see You
Coming right down from the sky?
I’d like it if You were a Shepherd
Holding the children nigh.

The Jesus pictured by artists
With long hair and soft brown eyes
Not white haired with eyes blazing
I’d be so scared I’d want to hide

You could come as a king with a crown, Lord
With robes of scarlet and gold
But don’t come as a fearsome avenger
What an awesome sight to behold !

Please come as a gentle Shepherd
Gathering up Your sheep
You see, I’m not old and not very bold
But I want to be Yours for keeps.

©2010 W. Barratt.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Try To Imagine.

I float like a half submerged leaf on the lake
Or a tiny weak twig that’s had all it can take
No bird swooping by, just to carry me away
Am I useful for something or anyone today?

If I were a leaf, somewhat soggy, but tough.
I’d give a bug safe passage if the water got rough
If a twig, then a beaver may find I have use
To build up his dam, and I would not refuse.

Whatever God makes He can find use for it
To fit a small plan or continue with it
Until it is part of the great scheme of things
I‘ve discovered even a leaf can have wings.

So if you are sitting down by the lake
Don’t despise the weak twig that’s had all it can take
Try to imagine as it floats out of sight
With the help of a leaf God could make it a kite.

©2010 W. Barratt

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Carers Update

It is only a month since my husband of almost 60 years passed away.
God was merciful to take him and He even honoured him by taking him on Holy Saturday. He suffered for years with Parkinson’s disease and Diabetes as well, for good measure, and was desperately ill, emaciated and in a lot of pain before the end.

Some weeks before his death Geoff joked that he hoped God would not call him on April Fool’s Day. God did better than that. He called him on a Holy day.

I am becoming used to a silent empty house and the phone ringing frequently as my family check on me regularly.

I go for long walks and look enviously upon the groups of ‘normal families’ where husband or grandad is still present.

Those of you in the Carers group know full well the longings of the carer and patient to live a ‘normal’ life. Let me remind you though, that the normal families will not experience the heights and depths of the love and care that is experienced between the sick person and their carer.

This sacrificial love was first shown by our Saviour Jesus Christ when He gave up His Heavenly Throne and died, tortured and beaten, on the cross at Calvary.

Jesus rose again triumphant and if our loved ones have given their hearts to the Lord, they will return triumphant in the skies when Jesus comes back for us who remain behind.
What a reunion!!!! The angels will hardly make their trumpets heard over the excited chatter of loved ones reunited again.

So dear ones, let’s walk close to the side of our loving Lord until that great and glorious day of the Lord dawns.

Wyn Barratt.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

An Ex Carer

My Life Is Not Over.

My life is not over because my spouse was called home
I am now free to take other work on
Please gently lead me to a task that is new
Somewhere love is needed; something I can do.

I cherish the safety of a home that is mine
Fearful to step out after such a long time
But Your world is beautiful though I see it through tears
Many folk needing You, but not aware, through the years.

So until You put my hand to another new plough
Hear my prayers for salvation for my family just now
Every day without You is a day that is lost
Yet You died for them at Calvary at such a great cost.

I want to be sure that we’ll all meet in heaven
I know You want them, and Your love is freely given
You have heard all my prayers and bottled my tears
My future is in Your hands, I won’t count the years.

©2010 Wyn Barratt.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Lord I Am Surrounded

Lord I am surrounded by Your love
I am wrapt and held and shielded by it too
My pain and trials disappear within the circle of Your arms
From here my world is beautiful with You.

Lord I am strengthened by Your love
My fears are groundless and fast fading shadows
I can stand tall and face the future with a smile that comes from You
From now my world is wonderful with You.

Lord I’m made alive by Your love
The love that reaches out to all around
I can hold out my arms to comfort those that mourn
Just because my life is comforted by You.

Lord my life’s made new with Your love
My past held in Eternity by You
Every step I take with You, You will show me what to do
And all my life will be a monument to You.

©2010 Wyn Barratt.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Little Sounds

I love to hear the little sounds
Like the creaking of the house
As if it’s saying ‘I’m holding up
And I’ll keep the bad things out.’

I love the wind, when as it blows
It whines among the wires
The trees will whisper through their leaves
Sometimes gossip, sometimes sighs.

When it rains and water softly drips
I wait for it to flow
And gurgle happily down the drains
As if it’s free to roam.

The birds will sing less loudly
When it begins to rain
They are too busy flying
Back to their home again.

Then there’s just a tiny chirp
As they shake water off their wings
And check out their little family
Fussing when the raindrops cling.

You need to be quite still and quiet
When little sounds draw near
As you’ll discover God’s own Peace
From everything you hear.

©2010 Wyn Barratt.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One Day I’ll Fly

One day I’ll fly right up to the sky
One day there’ll be no tears
One day I’ll hold my loved ones again
That day will hold no fears.

One day the sky will open to me
And heaven’s gates open wide
I’ll see my Father and Jesus my Saviour
That day I’ll step right inside.

I know you are hoping for that day too
Praying it will come soon
Jesus has said that He will return
We’ll hear the trumpets boom.

Angels and Archangels sounding the call
Christ, the Redeemer is come!
Friend please be ready, He’s coming like lightning
You’ve no time to dally, just run!

©2010 Wyn Barratt.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Space is a sort of negative word
It’s nothing or at least that’s what I have heard
There’s space in our house but not much I agree
There is space in the garden, except for that tree.

There has to be space if I walk anywhere
And lots of space lies just under my hair
There is space in the sky, and space on the ground
Space between homes, though not much, I’ve found.

Space between cars that are parked on our street
Space between some of my teeth, which is neat!
I don’t think the world could go on without space
I know I need lots when I’m running a race.

So space is important thought it’s nothing it seems
I’ll think more about it, perhaps in my dreams.
One day I may be a builder of respect
Being paid to put space between things I erect.

©2010 Wyn Barratt.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hands off!!!

You pray that My will may be done
Then you come and interfere
I know you are just trying to help
But I’m in charge, my dear.

A soul I’m seeking may turn aside
If all their problems are solved
They’ll have no need to cry out to Me
If you see things are resolved

Your kindness is no problem
But solutions then are mine
To draw a stubborn soul to Me
And save their soul in time.

I hate to see them hurting too
But their eternal soul
Is more important than some pain
Till Salvation makes them whole.

©2010 Wyn Barratt.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I Can’t Write!

When there is nothing I can write
I know You can’t speak through me
And I wonder if I could have sinned
And there’s something wrong in me.

So please, dear Holy Spirit
Tell me all that I have done
For it hurts me when we’re not speaking
And I feel so alone.

I love the times You are speaking
And the words come tumbling out
About this, or that, or anything.
I want to sing or shout.

Because You, Lord, are using me
To send a message out
And I’m the one to hear it first
Before I can write it out.

I like to write about many things
It takes me out of here
Away from work and worry
Away from doubts and fears.

And for a while I’m in a world
So different from my own
Where I am calm and confident
And under Your control.

But just for now I will be quiet
And listen for Your Voice
Two friends can sit together
If silence is their choice.
Heb. 9.v 35-36.

©2009 Wyn Barratt.