Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Number One.

Today I felt Your Peace Lord. I had asked for it before
But in a casual sort of way not desperate for more
Of You and all You have and are; the Source of all my life
But now as I grow older I want to end all strife.

I ask you Lord to give me Peace that only You can give
The peace that calms the storms of life and whispers ‘Peace, be still’
There was a time when I enjoyed a knock down, ding dong fight
But now that I am old and frail I think I’ve seen the light.

Just give me peace; a tender heart that sees no mote or beam
That offers all a second chance in spite of how things seem
For I have had that second chance and many, many more
All gifts of Your Mercy, Lord, when I with tears, implored.

I begged forgiveness, promised too, that I would never fail
And then like Peter turned aside; it was another nail
To pierce the hands outstretched in love and I, Your chosen one
Had failed again to raise Your name, as the Alpha, my number One.

Wyn Barratt Jan 2012.

Friday, January 27, 2012

As Long As You're Holding Me

As long as You’re holding me
My faith is strong
As long as You’re holding me
Where I belong

As long as I cling to You
Surrender all
As long as I cling to You
You are my all

As long as I’m faithful, Lord
Your Peace will reign
As long as I yield to You
Your joy remains

Your power will drive away
All of my fear
As long as I yield to You
You’re always near.

Wyn Barratt
Jan 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

I Got My Wings.

Drifting in and out of clouds I’m hovering around
I’ve got my angels wings and my feet don’t touch the ground
I’m too high up to see the mess that I left in my room
And if I land on earth tomorrow it will be much too soon.

My poor dog Buster’s down on earth he’s barking quite a lot
I can hear the neighbours shouting “will you shut up your dog”.
I am grinning right from ear to ear because they don’t see me
I could yell a cheeky answer but my Mom would hear and see.

Well, it is a well known fact that Mom’s have eyes all round their head
She sees me pull my tongue out and I’m sent early up to bed
I slip my homework out of sight under her favourite chair
But the bloomin’ paper crackles and I run right out of there.

I’m not so sure I earned my wings; I guess this is a dream
When I wake up in the morning things won’t be all they seemed
I didn’t do my homework and I’m sorry as can be
For my teacher is my Mother and she heading right for me!

Wyn Barratt Jan 2012.

Monday, January 16, 2012

I’ve Said Enough

If I never write another word I think I’ve said enough
To let you know what Jesus means to me
The only other thing I wish that would bring me such great joy
Would be to know that you love Him as well, you see?

Our life flies by so quickly and our pleasures come and go
Our emotions trick and mess round with our heart
But there’s one Who never falters; Who is faithful to the end
Who stands besides us and has promised not to part.

It is Jesus, yes it’s Jesus, a Saviour and a Friend
How often have I told just why He died?
If you look inside your own heart and compare it to the Lord’s
You’ll understand the sin that lies inside.

You know that God’s been calling you and following you around
He’s been there on every corner you have turned
Do mystic hunger and the mysteries of life still abound?
And the times you thought of Him, has your heart burned?

Come while there’s time, don’t stand in line; get down to the Mercy Seat
Don’t tell me that our Saviour died in vain
It was your name that was on His lips as the nails were driven home
Don’t walk away as He calls your name again.

Jan 2012

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Stay Right Beside Me.

Stay right here beside me Lord, I’m afraid to be alone
I know my days are counted but I long to be called home
You said You’ll never leave me, and I believe that to be true
But Lord I am so lonely, and I want to live with You.

I’ve no imagination and I can’t pretend I see
That You are here beside me, as close as close can be
I wake up in the morning and I say “Good morning God”
But I wish that I could see You, and You’d give a friendly nod.

When I want to tell You things, I don’t know where to look
For I think You’re at my side as it says in the good Book
But Your Spirit is inside me, so all I have to do
Is close my eyes and whisper, “Dear Jesus I need You”.

Then right away You hear me and Your answer is prepared
Though it may not come at once, I know that You have heard
For You are right beside me, Lord, closer than my breath
And I’ll remember how You love me, for You loved me to death.

Wyn Barratt
Jan 2012

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Blue Is The River.

Blue is the river that I’m carried down
Rushing toward a black lake of slime
There’ll be no foothold; no places to grasp
Will somebody save me, that’s all that I ask?

I raise up my arms as the slime closes in
It seeps into my breathing; my eyes growing dim
Too much time spent pondering and looking for hope
I looked for a future but I still couldn’t cope.

As I gasped my last breath I was lifted up high
By a strong pair of arms though no one was nigh
I felt that black slime glide slowly away
My eyesight was clearer and I saw a new day.

The blue river was gone and a sparkling stream
Danced beside me as if in a dream
The sunlight twinkled through shimmering leaves
I was resting in a glade of beautiful trees.

It was then that I saw Him; a Man brown and lean
He was sitting beside me and that beautiful stream
He took both my hands and looked into my eyes
Saying, “You needed a Saviour and that’s no surprise.”

“Your sins are forgiven My Peace in your heart
Take my joy straight from Heaven; it’s not a fine art
It’s a habit to put on at the start of each day
A flickering smile that won’t run away.”

“Don’t fret and don’t worry what the future may hold
I am your Saviour, be brave and be bold
A day at a time is a big enough view
I am the Potter; I’ll do wonders with you.”

Wyn Barratt
Jan 2012

Sunday, January 8, 2012


‘Tis still and black, the loch tonight
No moon appears nor glimpse of light
A slapping sound as the water moves
Against the rocks; its life then proves.

Shall I remain an intruder here
Or creep away; no one must hear
A shadow melting into mist
Before dawn blows its new day kiss.

Hold back the sun; deny its light
The day is harsh; the light too bright
Turn back the world; return the moon
Wrap me in shadows; they’re gone too soon.

Wyn Barratt
Jan 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Please Send Your Angels.

Give me a song Lord
Your song in the night
If I fall asleep Lord
I’ll wake up in fright
Please send Your angels
To sit beside me
I need assurance
That You are near me.

Send me a song Lord
I wanted to hear
Your voice in melody
So close to my ear
I expect You to sing
Your praises to God
Maybe a story of
The paths You have trod.

I will send You a song
That is straight from my heart
To thank you for dying
And accepting my heart
Please send your Angels
To sit beside me
I have the assurance
That You’re always with me.

Wyn Barratt
Jan 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

You Gave Me Days.

You gave me days, the race to run
To fill with praise, not mindless fun
To hope, and pray, and worship You
Please guide me, Father, I love You.

Your Word says ‘trust’; it says ‘obey’
These things are hard when I’d have my way
But this I know, my hope is found
In You my Lord, on Holy ground.

To face the day without a prayer
Is to walk away and not see You there
Please don’t let go. I often fear
That You have gone and I’m left here.

Your Word is true; You are my Rock
Starting each day I will take stock
Of things to do; where there is need
Faithful in prayer, and strong in deed.

Please show me where You’d have me go
Who needs some prayer? Who needs You so?
I am Your servant Lord, send me
Wherever You want me to be.

And when I start to think in fear
When illness strikes, that You’re not near
Remind me, Lord, to whisper then
“I trust You, Jesus, Amen; Amen”.

Wyn Barratt
Jan 2012.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Distance Lends Enchantment?

Distance lends enchantment or so I have been told
Well, that may work with romance in the stories read of old
But distance from my Lord and God are far from good for me
I need to know that They are near and no distance you see?

I know when you love someone and that love is pure and strong
You long to be close by them and distance is so wrong
Of course where there is war or work that demands some time away
When it is temporary we can work it out some way.

But why be distant from a God Who wants to be so near?
And when you know you need Him the answer is quite clear
Stay side by side and holding hands as earthly lovers do
Not even at arms length is something I could bear to do.

So Lord I know You are near me; I can almost hear You breathe
I’m a straightforward pilgrim, not here to deceive
We both know what I’ve said is true and from now for evermore
There’ll be no need for You to knock for I’m right inside Your door.

Wyn Barratt
Jan 2012.