Sunday, January 1, 2012

Distance Lends Enchantment?

Distance lends enchantment or so I have been told
Well, that may work with romance in the stories read of old
But distance from my Lord and God are far from good for me
I need to know that They are near and no distance you see?

I know when you love someone and that love is pure and strong
You long to be close by them and distance is so wrong
Of course where there is war or work that demands some time away
When it is temporary we can work it out some way.

But why be distant from a God Who wants to be so near?
And when you know you need Him the answer is quite clear
Stay side by side and holding hands as earthly lovers do
Not even at arms length is something I could bear to do.

So Lord I know You are near me; I can almost hear You breathe
I’m a straightforward pilgrim, not here to deceive
We both know what I’ve said is true and from now for evermore
There’ll be no need for You to knock for I’m right inside Your door.

Wyn Barratt
Jan 2012.

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