Tuesday, January 3, 2012

You Gave Me Days.

You gave me days, the race to run
To fill with praise, not mindless fun
To hope, and pray, and worship You
Please guide me, Father, I love You.

Your Word says ‘trust’; it says ‘obey’
These things are hard when I’d have my way
But this I know, my hope is found
In You my Lord, on Holy ground.

To face the day without a prayer
Is to walk away and not see You there
Please don’t let go. I often fear
That You have gone and I’m left here.

Your Word is true; You are my Rock
Starting each day I will take stock
Of things to do; where there is need
Faithful in prayer, and strong in deed.

Please show me where You’d have me go
Who needs some prayer? Who needs You so?
I am Your servant Lord, send me
Wherever You want me to be.

And when I start to think in fear
When illness strikes, that You’re not near
Remind me, Lord, to whisper then
“I trust You, Jesus, Amen; Amen”.

Wyn Barratt
Jan 2012.

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