Saturday, January 26, 2013

MISSING- Believed Hungry.

If you see a boy in a red top wandering through the town
Send him home. Please send him home
He may be sitting on the kerbside or walking up and down
Send him home. Please send him home.
We had a silly argument and he grabbed his phone and left
Yes he left home. He has left home
He took no food or cash in hand no bag was packed; he left
And I’m bereft. Yes I’m bereft.

If you see him say I’m sorry and I’ve put his dinner out
Then send him home. Please send him home.
His little dog is pining and he has a hot dry snout
Make him come home. He must come home.
So you can see that this is serious he has never left before
Make him come home. He must come home.
And I am standing in the hallway behind an open door.
Oh please would you take pity and send him home.

Wyn Barratt Jan 2013.

* I know this is a superficial story, M, and  your life is much more complicated, but go home, back to your roots. The first step is always the hardest.


It’s incomprehensible that You should love me, Lord
My claims are indefensible, that I don’t understand Your Word
In total simplicity I confess all my sin
No longer in complicity with satan as I’ve been.

For satan is a liar and the biggest in the world
He is also a denier of the Power Your love unfurled
The Word of God will stand forever and that, friend, is no lie
The Son of God came down from Heaven knowing He would die.

He did it for you and He did it for me;
Just open up His Word and soon you will see
It’s incomprehensible that we should turn Him down
Attitude indefensible if we ignore a victor’s crown.

Wyn Barratt Jan 2013.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


The rain in the gutters is the music that I love
Its happy throaty gurgle as it pours down from above
It slides down the drains feet first and I can hear the joy
Of the water with the rubbish which it thinks is a fine toy.

I haven’t looked too closely for I don’t like rubbish much
It’s slimy when its wet and I’ve never liked the touch
It’s bad enough when Mother calls and makes me sweep the yard
But it all goes in the garbage before the rain comes down hard.

One day before I get too big I’ll slide into a drain
And follow the water till it comes outside again
I’ll have to keep my eyes shut tight and my mouth as well
I certainly won’t drink it and that’s the truth I tell.

  Wyn Barratt  Jan 2013       

Monday, January 14, 2013

Some Days.

Some days I’m in Your workroom and You look around the door
To see if I have finished what we talked about before.
At other times I feel alone and empty of everything
That should be said, or thought, or sung, and some leading to begin.

That’s when I need to be quite still and ponder on Your love
And send up ‘thankyou’s’ from my heart that You can hear above
For I could never ever tell in this my earthly tongue
The gratitude that swells my heart that to You, Lord, I belong.

The days seem long, but life is short, of that I am convinced
And that’s why in my messages You’ll find my words aren’t minced
For none of us can ever know just what tomorrow costs
And Lord, I want to be assured that no one will be lost.

Wyn Barratt. Jan 2013.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Coming Round The Mountain.

‘She’s coming round the mountain’, that‘s what the old song says
But I’m not going round it, for now I’ve learned some sense
That mountain’s made for climbing it will make me fit and strong
And when I‘ve reached the very top I can see where I belong.

I belong to Jesus, He’s led me all the way
Through mountain trails or valleys, I haven’t time to stay
I’m on my way to Heaven I hope you join me there
Even if it’s crowded I’ll be looking for you there.

If I should get to Heaven first you may see me in the sky
For Jesus said that He’ll return in the sweet by and by
He said that we’ll be with Him and I’ll be looking for you still
So keep your eyes upon that prize, your Salvation is God’s will.

Remember those poor Israelites just couldn’t take a trick
They thought the road to Canaan was worse than making bricks
They growled and grumbled at the Lord and poor old Moses too
And round and round that mountain but they didn’t wear out shoes.

You might say that there’s a moral in this little tale I tell
And you should climb up and over and not around as well
But as long as you’re with Jesus it won’t matter where He leads
For He is your Provider for every kind of need.

If you belong to Jesus, He’ll lead you all the way
Through mountain trails or valleys you won’t have time to stay
You’ll be on your way to Heaven and I hope to join you there
Even if it’s crowded please keep looking for me there.

Wyn Barratt  Jan 2013

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Guess What?

The New year’s here and once again I’ve had a thought or three
Of resolutions for my life that would make a better ME
I’m full of great ideas and at starting I’m a whizz
But I’m a one day wonder then my resolutions fizz.

Guess what? This year is different. I’ll be starting a new style
I’ll forget that I am me and my resolutions aren’t worthwhile
I’ll remember that God made me and it’s He I want to please
And He’s glad to see me trying and be often on my knees.

So this year I’m a couple, not a loner any more
The Lord and me together every moment; that’s the score
So whatever this year holds for me I know I’m not alone
For God Who made me perfectly will guide the best way Home.

Wyn Barratt 2013.