Tuesday, January 22, 2013


The rain in the gutters is the music that I love
Its happy throaty gurgle as it pours down from above
It slides down the drains feet first and I can hear the joy
Of the water with the rubbish which it thinks is a fine toy.

I haven’t looked too closely for I don’t like rubbish much
It’s slimy when its wet and I’ve never liked the touch
It’s bad enough when Mother calls and makes me sweep the yard
But it all goes in the garbage before the rain comes down hard.

One day before I get too big I’ll slide into a drain
And follow the water till it comes outside again
I’ll have to keep my eyes shut tight and my mouth as well
I certainly won’t drink it and that’s the truth I tell.

  Wyn Barratt  Jan 2013       

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