Saturday, January 12, 2013

Coming Round The Mountain.

‘She’s coming round the mountain’, that‘s what the old song says
But I’m not going round it, for now I’ve learned some sense
That mountain’s made for climbing it will make me fit and strong
And when I‘ve reached the very top I can see where I belong.

I belong to Jesus, He’s led me all the way
Through mountain trails or valleys, I haven’t time to stay
I’m on my way to Heaven I hope you join me there
Even if it’s crowded I’ll be looking for you there.

If I should get to Heaven first you may see me in the sky
For Jesus said that He’ll return in the sweet by and by
He said that we’ll be with Him and I’ll be looking for you still
So keep your eyes upon that prize, your Salvation is God’s will.

Remember those poor Israelites just couldn’t take a trick
They thought the road to Canaan was worse than making bricks
They growled and grumbled at the Lord and poor old Moses too
And round and round that mountain but they didn’t wear out shoes.

You might say that there’s a moral in this little tale I tell
And you should climb up and over and not around as well
But as long as you’re with Jesus it won’t matter where He leads
For He is your Provider for every kind of need.

If you belong to Jesus, He’ll lead you all the way
Through mountain trails or valleys you won’t have time to stay
You’ll be on your way to Heaven and I hope to join you there
Even if it’s crowded please keep looking for me there.

Wyn Barratt  Jan 2013


Pam said...

I love how you intertwine the lessons of the Bible with lessons for today and sprinkle it with a touch of humor. Thanks for sharing, Wyn.

Wyn Barratt said...

Thanks Pam, I hope I got it right about the mountain!!??