Friday, August 28, 2009

My Gyroscope.

Lord, You are my Gyroscope
You help me stay afloat
Through stormy seas.

You would have me rejoice
And raise up my voice
To You in praise.

The waves now are so high
I know that You are nigh
Let me see You Lord.

You are saying ‘Peace be still’
This surely is Your will
I will rest in You.

I accept all at Your hand
It is just what You had planned
So I yield to You.

©2009 Wyn Barratt

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Now We’re Alone.

Now we’re alone we can share secrets
Now we’re alone confide in me
You are my Lord, I’m here to worship
Please touch my soul, Lord please bless me.

Now we’re alone I lay my burdens
Down at Your feet and then I am free
Free to obey without restrictions
You took my burdens and gave peace to me

Alone with You, then I can ponder
All of the things that came to be
So many blessings Lord I wonder
Why You should be so good to me.

All silence now we are in union
My sins confessed, Your mercy heals
Your touch again has come to strengthen
When we are alone Your love is revealed.

Never alone without Your presence
Always at home when You are near to me
Safe in Your arms I joy in the future
Never alone for You are with me.

©2009 Wyn Barratt.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

What A God !

Do I forget when I get a problem
That my Father has dealt with many of them
Do the birds fly in a tizz because they forgot what day it is?
Or the best fat worms decided to hide?

Whatever the matter, don’t let your brains scatter
Just whisper a message to God
His angels are in line to fly to you in time
To reveal a solution from God.

You don’t need great elocution to pray for a solution
Just whisper, “Please help me, dear Lord.”
He hears what you are thinking and while you are still speaking
His rescue plan will be on the board.

It doesn’t take a commotion for God to set in motion
The way to help you cope with the mess you’re in
This battle may be with Satan who has already taken
Far more of your life than he should be in.

So tell Satan where to go and the God who loves you so
Will work things out and carry you through
Send the SOS and wait, God will never hesitate
The answers flying from Heaven just for you.



©2009 Wyn Barratt.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Walking Through Life

Will you walk with me, beloved, through the springtime of our life
While our love is young and everything is green?
Will you hold my hand and vow with me that there will be no strife
While we look around at this glorious scene?.

Will you walk with me, beloved, through the summer of our life
When new hopes and plans for prosperity lie ahead
Our quiver full, as parents proud, of children fit and free
While we teach them where to look for Daily Bread.

Will you walk with me, beloved, through the autumn of our life
Now the children all have flown out from the nest
Our hopes and plans are all forgotten, and we are slowing down
Will you walk beside me even then?

Will you walk with me, beloved, through the winter of our life
When walking may be difficult at best
Just take my hand and we will walk down memory’s lane instead
And watch our grandchildren play as we just rest.

If you should go to Glory first please look on me sometimes
I’ll be the one that’s walking home alone you see
But don’t be sad for me because I’ll be coming to Glory soon
And I’ll be the young and pretty wife I used to be.

©2009.Wyn Barratt

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mother of the Groom.

Where did the days go? I lost my boy today.
Some woman came and took him right away.
She told me that she loved him, but then so did I
And I wanted the boy I knew to stay.
He was a cute and chubby baby, who loved to play
A ready laugh, and he liked to make me smile.

At school he’d once run home with his face all flushed with grief
Some little bug had died inside his sleeve.
He found it in a puddle and felt he’d rescued it
He had hidden it where his teacher couldn’t tell.
Now Mick is all grown up and he loves a sweet young girl
God chose them for each other, I’m sure of it.

They will walk in sweet communion
For God has blessed their union
And my son is now a man as all can tell.
But to me he’s still my baby
Whom I loved and prayed for daily
And I am still his Mom, so really, all is well.

Wyn Barratt
August 2009.

Friday, August 14, 2009

It’s The Beginning.

It’s the beginning of the start of this journey
I’ve finished with the last part of my life
This is the beginning of the beginning of my new life
And the end of all my sin and guilt and strife.

Jesus has washed me in His blood and really cleansed me
This is the beginning of my new life with Him
I’m so glad to have my guilt and sin disposed of.
I’m so glad to start a new life with Him.

Jesus and I are one and it’s now I realize
I have the best Friend there ever could be
I’m at the beginning of the start of my new life
It’s the end of the old destructive one I see.

Jesus and I will walk through this life together
I’ve been saved by the Son and I’m happy to be free
So Satan can crawl back into his dark old corner
I’m wise to him and his crafty tricks, you see.

Jesus and I can now walk on up to glory
I’ll never leave the One Who rescued me
He’s my very best Friend and there’s no other
Who can do what He has done for me.

Thank You Jesus You are the very best friend to me.

2009 Wyn Barratt.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Walk With Me, Lord.

Walk with me Lord, the way is dark just lately
Walk with me Lord, my eyes are growing dim
Stretch out Your hand so I can know you’re near me
Then walk with me till heavens’ safety I win.

Talk with me, Lord, till I understand whys and wherefores
Talk with me, Lord, it’s lonely down here
Tell me You love me, ten more times may do it
Speak to my heart and keep me from all fear.

Look at me, Lord, and see how much I need You
Open my eyes so I can see Your heart
My eyes are dim and sore with all earth’s gravel
Clear Thou my vision till I see Your heart.

©2009. Wyn Barratt.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Hands Of God.

The hands that spread the stars in space
Then gave them each a name
That placed the moon upon its path
And set the sun ablaze.

These are the hands that held a child
The hands that took the nails
That created the earth’s beauty
And strange creatures that amaze.

The clouds that seem spun with gossamer
The flowers of myriad hue
Are testimonies to the mind of God
And the hands that made us too.

Your hands have steadied old and young
The frail and insecure
Lifted up the broken soul,
Found food to give the poor

They counted out our every hair,
They measured up our days
Your hands are beautiful dear Lord
With the scars from cruel nails.

©2009 Wyn Barratt.