Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cry Of The Matriarch

I wonder why gloom sits around in my room
Why sun just casts shadows so it feels like a tomb
Why the noises outside remind me I am alone
In a house that once heard voices in a family home.

When children fly away to start busy new lives
The Matriarch is left and her usefulness dives
Her age is increasing; her confidence crushed
No one to talk to who isn’t too rushed.

So then begins the old cry’ Am I there yet?’
Lord why don’t you call me, I’m tired of the wait
Not another day, I been down here too long
It’s time to enter Heaven and I’ll sing a different song.’

'Lord my room is too small, I can’t pack the family in
They all want to see me; I don’t know where to begin
I’m glad I’m in Heaven, but I need some more space
My family is growing at such a fast pace.!'

W. Barratt.
Jan 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011

From This Day On.

From this day on, my heart will love You, Father
Now on this day Oh God forgive my sin
I hold my arms out to receive Your love, Lord
And welcome cleansing from the dross within.

When I ignored the promises You made to me
And doubted in my heart they could come true
For me, who was Your undeserving child, Lord
I spurned Your love and all that You might do.

So now I claim Your faithful Word and promises
Forgive me, Lord, I will renew my path
Each step I take will lead me nearer Glory
Just to return Your Love is all I ask.

Dear Holy Spirit I am so sorry I hurt You
Denied Your power and that‘s the sin of pride
Brushed off Your love, a love that took You to the cross
O hold me, shield me, in Your heart I’ll hide.

Jan 2011. (Sing to 'Danny Boy')

Monday, January 10, 2011

Do This In Remembrance Of Me.

Take of the bread and the wine at Communion
Give me your heart as you’re thinking of Me
Think of My sacrifice; and future reunion
Will you do this in remembrance of Me?

Will you remember? Will you remember?
The day that I died just to free you from sin
I returned to My Father and My home in Glory
But I am waiting for you to come in.

Kneel now before Me; I know you adore Me
Confess your sin, for I’m ready to cleanse
Communion is broken without your confession
Will you do this in remembrance, My friend?

We two are one now; the world is before you
Spread the good news that a Saviour is here
Souls are repining where love is declining
Will you remind them Salvation is near?

It is you that I care for; you whom I died for
I will not leave you, that is My decree
Pray to Me, stay near to Me, till you reach glory
Will you do this in remembrance of Me?

Wyn Barratt. Jan 2011.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Not Just A Number.

If I say the words, ‘Four Thousand’ what would it mean to you?
A figure that went down in history
But four thousand is the number of living souls that died
And those were everyone a Cherokee.

Driven out by white men from their peaceful mountain homes
When the Government had heard that there was gold
And all of that was started by a little Cherokee boy
Who sold a nugget to a trader wanting gold.

The word spread and the Government soon joined with greedy men
To drive the Cherokee from their homes
And day by day and night by night the wagons rolled along
While sick and murdered Indians fell, in droves.

The trail of tears is so well named for the tears were shed by all;
Mothers, Fathers, children as they fell
The long, long trail took several months and scattered Cherokee graves
Left four thousand souls on a foreign hill.

This history has been written by good and faithful men
Read round the world wherever people roam
My heart will well remember the bleeding trailing scar
Of those shallow graves scattered far from home.

So when you hear the words ‘Four thousand’ no matter where you are
Remember that Legislation was the key
That signed the papers, that sent the army, that gathered greedy men
That ended the life of four thousand Cherokee.

Wyn Barratt (Walela)

Jan 2011.

Monday, January 3, 2011

I Was Walking One Day

I was walking one day down the road in the rain
And I heard a soft whisper again, and again
‘My child do you love me as I love you
I gave you My life, will you do the same too?’

The rain still fell softly and mixed with my tears
Like the ones I had shed right down through the years
I had struggled and strived to do things by myself
But all I attained was a place on a shelf.

I had heard that same whisper right down through the years
My Lord, ever seeking, but I kept all my fears
I feared to step forward and take hold of His hand
Yet Jesus never left me for my life He had planned.

Once again came the whisper, ‘Child do you love me?’
‘Remember it was for you that I hung on that tree’?
My tears now stinging and mixed with the rain
As I whispered back ‘I’m all Yours, once again.’

My Saviour is still with me for He never left
Every promise He made is a promise He kept
I love Him more, every day that I live
And that is a promise I know I can give.

Wyn Barratt.

Jan 2011.