Monday, January 10, 2011

Do This In Remembrance Of Me.

Take of the bread and the wine at Communion
Give me your heart as you’re thinking of Me
Think of My sacrifice; and future reunion
Will you do this in remembrance of Me?

Will you remember? Will you remember?
The day that I died just to free you from sin
I returned to My Father and My home in Glory
But I am waiting for you to come in.

Kneel now before Me; I know you adore Me
Confess your sin, for I’m ready to cleanse
Communion is broken without your confession
Will you do this in remembrance, My friend?

We two are one now; the world is before you
Spread the good news that a Saviour is here
Souls are repining where love is declining
Will you remind them Salvation is near?

It is you that I care for; you whom I died for
I will not leave you, that is My decree
Pray to Me, stay near to Me, till you reach glory
Will you do this in remembrance of Me?

Wyn Barratt. Jan 2011.


Marja said...

Lovely Wyn, lovely! Great to read this before doing communion...

wyn said...

I wrote this right after Communion. The title kept running through my head.