Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cry Of The Matriarch

I wonder why gloom sits around in my room
Why sun just casts shadows so it feels like a tomb
Why the noises outside remind me I am alone
In a house that once heard voices in a family home.

When children fly away to start busy new lives
The Matriarch is left and her usefulness dives
Her age is increasing; her confidence crushed
No one to talk to who isn’t too rushed.

So then begins the old cry’ Am I there yet?’
Lord why don’t you call me, I’m tired of the wait
Not another day, I been down here too long
It’s time to enter Heaven and I’ll sing a different song.’

'Lord my room is too small, I can’t pack the family in
They all want to see me; I don’t know where to begin
I’m glad I’m in Heaven, but I need some more space
My family is growing at such a fast pace.!'

W. Barratt.
Jan 2011

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