Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mary Were You Troubled

Mary were you troubled when your Son climbed up a mountain
And spent the night alone and icy cold
Did you ever call to Him “Take another cloak, that’s thin!”
Did He listen like He did when He wasn’t old?

Did He say “Now, Mother dear, I am on Father’s business here
And I need to talk to Him about my life
I tell Him every little thing and the love I’m offering
While He shows me how to handle hate or strife”

Did you relax when once again the winter’s cold had passed?
And the nights up in the mountains weren’t so harsh
Yet I imagine that you still might fix a little meal ‘to go’
As He scrambled through a stony field or marsh.

So as Your precious Son took off to follow all His Father’s plans
You would sit quietly in deep worship and in prayer
Pondering on the words of God and your Son’s first stumbling words
To Calvary where you watched Him die right there.

As Mothers all, right up till now, what myriad tears we shed
As we protect and love and grieve for all our own
Yet one day they’ll rise in glory from a grave they did not dread
As their Saviour holds out His arms to those He’s known.

W.B. June 2013.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Teach Me Your Truth

Teach me Your Truth oh Spirit of Truth
And let me learn from You
My cloudy future hides reproof
If I see my life through You
Old age no barrier to Your plans
One day is all You need
Obedience takes error from my hands
Will I then gather speed?

Teach me to be quiet under stress
To rest in peace on You
To see the sun both rise and set
And know I am blessed by You
Teach me to praise and pray for all
Be sensitive to their need
To spread the love You feel for all
Tell them a Saviour hears

Help me forget myself this day
To lock my eyes on You
To praise You As You plan my way
As I am led by You.
You wrap me in Your kindly love
Harsh judgements cannot pierce
And I still have some work to do
Old age cannot defeat.

W.B.  June 2013.

How Many Times?

How many times I cry to You, and say, “Please help me, Lord"
I take Your time on little things that You can ill afford
When disasters of more urgent kind befall this broken world
And I, as selfish as I am, bewail a mislaid word
Or phone, or struggle on  with some heavy, tiresome task
For now my strength is almost gone; it is too much to ask.

So I’ll ask Your peace to live with this, my slowness, loss of strength
My love for You is still intact and I’ll be with You at length
Now when I call I try to see the features of Your face
Yet it is enough that I should know Your mercy and Your Grace
While I still ask to dream of You and be close to You in sleep
 Your Spirit’s deep within my heart and I know He’s mine to keep.

W.B June 2013.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

One Day

 Will You come back today, Lord?
I want to be ready for You
Will this be the very last day, Lord
That I could be loyal and true?
I want to look into Your eyes Lord
I love when they sparkle with smiles
I would be both humble and obedient
Always walking that second mile.

I long to see others with Your eyes
To grieve with the lonely and lost
To grasp the hands stretched out in sorrow
To hold someone breathing their last.
To point out the cross and my Saviour
Tell others You died for them, too
Holding hope out to the hopeless
And the future that You can renew.

For one day may be too late to know You Lord
The gates to Your heaven may be closed
You’ll appear in the sky with Your angels
To call up the ones that you know.
Is your name written down in His book, friend?
Does He know you and call you by name?
He first called your name from the cross on the hill
Then whispered again from his grave.

Yet Christ rose again in great triumph
Satan defeated again
But that old loser though on his way down
Would take you to Hell with him then.
So break free and run to your Saviour
Take His offer of salvation now
The pathway to Heaven is lined with His saints
Hear them cheer when your hand’s on the plough.

W.B  June 2013.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

It's Just Not Enough.

It’s just not enough to give to You
This old broken heart
It’s just not enough to say to You
“Oh Lord, I’ll do my part’.
It’s just not enough to sorrow
For all my sinful ways
It had to be Your very life
That You so freely gave.

And so You bought me dearest Lord
And You brought me, Lord of mine
Back from Hells’ hungry open mouth
Saying ‘you are Mine’
You did what You’d always planned to do
My soul knows that full well
So here I am part of Your great plan
And You’ve closed the gate to Hell.

W.B June 2013.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Have I Told You?

Have I told You today that I love You?
Did I whisper that You have my heart?
Did I thank You that You never leave me?
That I’m grateful that we’ll never part?

Lord I’m grateful that You are my haven
And You are my anchor and rest
I feel Your warmth when You hold me
When I lay my head down on Your breast.

I used to be anxious and fretful
For my faith was not always this strong
But You held on to me every moment
Now every moment to You I belong.

Wyn Barratt  June 2013

The Morning Sky.

I love to watch the morning sky when dawn turns into day
And know that You will have Your eye on things that come my way
The pinks and gold I can behold and feel Your presence near
You offer me a brand new page with a love that is so dear.

Your Spirit paints the sky for us to cheer us on our way
You know the joys and sorrows that can make or break the day
So this day that You have made for me I give right back to You
And I will do my very best to bring some joy to You.

Wyn Barratt June 2013.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

God's Waiting Room.

I’ve heard about God’s waiting room
For older Christian souls
But there’s another waiting room
That I have known of old.

That’s when we wait upon God’s will
Though we cannot see Him work.
But in His hall of eternal peace
We know He will not shirk

His plans to answer every prayer
To set our spirits free
To lift us up on wings of hope
In His love for you and me.

So I’m content in this, His waiting room
While He works out His plans
He said He’ll never leave me
So I’ll be putty in His hands.

As I rest my head upon His knee
I dreams of days to come
When I have learned discipleship
And my learning days are done.

Wyn Barratt June 2013.

The Birds Can't Wait.

The birds can’t wait for dawn to rise
To start their praise to You
And I awake with glad surprise
And wonder what we’ll do.

For each new day though trials may come
I know You’ll be close by
The plans You’ve made to bless my life
Will never go awry.

My paths may wind around a cliff
Or follow mountains high
But Your lamp will shine and light my way
While You watch me with Your eye.

So Lord anoint me with Your peace
And keep my heart at rest
For You are my Beloved Chief
And what You do is best.

Wyn Barratt June 2013.