Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mary Were You Troubled

Mary were you troubled when your Son climbed up a mountain
And spent the night alone and icy cold
Did you ever call to Him “Take another cloak, that’s thin!”
Did He listen like He did when He wasn’t old?

Did He say “Now, Mother dear, I am on Father’s business here
And I need to talk to Him about my life
I tell Him every little thing and the love I’m offering
While He shows me how to handle hate or strife”

Did you relax when once again the winter’s cold had passed?
And the nights up in the mountains weren’t so harsh
Yet I imagine that you still might fix a little meal ‘to go’
As He scrambled through a stony field or marsh.

So as Your precious Son took off to follow all His Father’s plans
You would sit quietly in deep worship and in prayer
Pondering on the words of God and your Son’s first stumbling words
To Calvary where you watched Him die right there.

As Mothers all, right up till now, what myriad tears we shed
As we protect and love and grieve for all our own
Yet one day they’ll rise in glory from a grave they did not dread
As their Saviour holds out His arms to those He’s known.

W.B. June 2013.


Marja Verschoor-Meijers said...

Hhmmm, a mother's thougts on her Son, what a great perspective Wyn, well done!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Marja,
I think a lot about Mary but I wouldn't have changed places with her.
What agony of heart she must have suffered on a daily basis!