Wednesday, June 12, 2013

One Day

 Will You come back today, Lord?
I want to be ready for You
Will this be the very last day, Lord
That I could be loyal and true?
I want to look into Your eyes Lord
I love when they sparkle with smiles
I would be both humble and obedient
Always walking that second mile.

I long to see others with Your eyes
To grieve with the lonely and lost
To grasp the hands stretched out in sorrow
To hold someone breathing their last.
To point out the cross and my Saviour
Tell others You died for them, too
Holding hope out to the hopeless
And the future that You can renew.

For one day may be too late to know You Lord
The gates to Your heaven may be closed
You’ll appear in the sky with Your angels
To call up the ones that you know.
Is your name written down in His book, friend?
Does He know you and call you by name?
He first called your name from the cross on the hill
Then whispered again from his grave.

Yet Christ rose again in great triumph
Satan defeated again
But that old loser though on his way down
Would take you to Hell with him then.
So break free and run to your Saviour
Take His offer of salvation now
The pathway to Heaven is lined with His saints
Hear them cheer when your hand’s on the plough.

W.B  June 2013.

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